What I learned from Mrs. Robinson

Before you read this post, you should read my post titled Mrs Robinson.

Mrs. Robinson taught me more about being a man than any of my previous role models. She mostly taught me about seduction, foreplay, and sex. I've only slept with a few women before I met her. Mostly girls my own age. A typical encounter with me when it came to sex, before I met Mrs. Robinson, would usually include a few hours of awkward persuasion, little too no foreplay, and about three to five minutes of sex. I was also very shy and afraid of rejection. In many situations I would let the girl make the first move, before I even dared making any kind of sexual advance. After my relationship with Mrs. Robinson, all that changed.

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Mrs. Robinson taught me the basics of seduction, but much of it I picked up over the years. My experiences seducing women can last for a few minutes to several years. Everything from straight out asking a random stranger for a night of anonymous sex, no names, no questions, no regrets, to years of subtle gestures, flirting, and subconscious messages. I've learned throughout the years that, women like to play this little seduction game. Some women play the game more subtly than others. Virtually all women want sex, but how they go about getting it, varies from girl to girl. From what I learned from Mrs. Robinson, it's how well you play the seduction game that determines your outcome. Unlike men, most girls need to be seduced before having sex. My personal experiences with seduction, usually include, flirting, hinting, suggesting, body language, self confidence, and touching. Flirting usually accounts for the majority of my seduction process, and in many cases it's all I ever need, but sometimes I need to use every trick I know.

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I've learned from Mrs. Robinson just about everything I know about foreplay. She explained that men can be almost instantly turned on, while women take a lot longer. Setting the mood and having a proper atmosphere are very important factors. She always told me that, unless you're pressed for time, don't be afraid to take too much time with foreplay. Many of the techniques she used on me during our first sexual encounter, I still use on women today. Kissing, touching, rubbing, breathing, nibbling, and teasing, are all very effective ways of turning a woman on. If you use them correctly, most women will not only want sex, but sometimes even beg you for it.

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I was no stranger to sex before I met Mrs. Robinson, but I was more of a selfish lover. I would often just rush to get myself off without considering the girls needs. Mrs. Robinson taught me to have a little self control. She always made me get her off first, before I got myself off. Before I met her, I don't think I ever made a girl cum. After I got her off for the first time, it really turned me on. It also gave me a sense of self satisfaction, and boosted my ego. She also told me to go harder, deeper, faster. I've used that method for years, and it never really let me down. Any man can get themselves off during sex, but it takes real talent to get your woman off with you.