Music and Seduction

I believe ambiance is very important when I'm trying to seduce a woman. I always make an effort to have privacy, dimmed lighting, and music. I believe music is the most important part of proper ambiance. This is probably due to the fact that I play several instruments, and I express myself through music. What music I play while I'm seducing a girl, usually depends on what type of music she likes. I usually find out before hand and plan accordingly. Most women tend to either like hip-hop, rap, and R&B or rock, alternative rock, and pop. My panty dropper playlist usually consists of two main categories, R&B and alternative rock. These are what they currently are.

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My R&B playlist favorites.

Nobody - Keith Sweat

My R&B playlist consists of more that a hundred other similar songs. These are just my personal favorites. I would share them all, it's just such a pain in the ass to give the back links. I like to keep a long playlist of music so all I need to do is press play, and forget about it. It's always annoying to have the music stop right in the middle of things, so the longer the playlist, the better.

Crash - Boyce Avenue
Fragile - Paulinho Garcia And Grazyna AuguscikUna Palabra - Carlos VarelaYellow - Boyce AvenueTie Up My Hands - StarsailorSomewhere Over The Rainbow -  Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Mad World - Gary Jules

That covers only a small fraction of my alternative rock playlist. This list is way longer than my R&B list, simply because I like the music better. Not that I don't like R&B, it's just that I appreciate rock a little more, because I'm a musician, and R&B usually plays a beat instead of actual instruments. In fact many of the songs on this list, I can actually play.

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I know a lot of the music on these playlists don't fit the actual genre. So please, no comments about how Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" song is actually classic soul, and not R&B. This is just a rough look at what music I play for ambiance, while I plan on seducing a woman. Music can be a powerful tool for seduction, if used correctly. Something soft, and low volume is usually best. It'll be harder to get into most girls' pants with high volume "speed metal" playing in the background.