Mrs. Robinson

I met Mrs. Robinson when I was fifteen. That isn't her real name, but that's how I'll refer to her in this post for the sake of anonymity. I attended a private school back then, and Mrs. Robinson was one of the substitute teachers. I rarely ever saw her during my first few years, because my normal teachers usually had excellent attendance. The few times I did see her, I was very strongly attracted to her. She was gorgeous. She had long blond hair, a youthful face, a slender build, and a good sized rack. She was everything a fifteen year old could want, and the fact that she was my teacher, just made me want her so much more.

During my last year at that high school, my math teacher became very ill, and took a leave of absence. Although there were several rumors why she left, spread no doubt by the students, no one really knew why she left. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Robinson, became the temporary replacement. Needless to say, myself, along with all the other students, were very excited.

During the course of my first few classes, I found that Mrs. Robinson, was a very different kind of teacher. She would often use inappropriate language, and she was far from politically correct. She was very down to earth, and human, which is why I think I liked her so much. I often found myself staying late after class just to be near her. I would do little things like feed the fish, empty the waste baskets, vacuum, or clear the chalk board. I often noticed she would rub her neck, almost as if she was trying to relieve some pain. One day, after class was out and I was clearing the chalk board, I asked her why she rubbed her neck so often.  She laughed and mentioned it was a girl thing. Out of curiosity, I asked her if it was related to her breasts. She smiled and mentioned that they weren't even her breasts. She went on to explain how her ex-husband "bought" them for her, as a birthday present to himself. It was a very unusual teacher/student conversation, but like I said, Mrs. Robinson was a very different kind of teacher. I told her to let me have a crack at it, thinking maybe I could help. I moved behind her, and placed my hands on her shoulders. I'd never given a massage before, but apparently I was very good at it. She seemed to love it when I rubbed her shoulders and neck. After about a minute she moved her bra strap down her shoulder, through her shirt, as it was bothering her.  I was very aroused by that. A few minutes later the bell rang, officially making me late for my next class. Mrs. Robinson told me to hurry along, mentioning we needed to do this again sometime.

Over the course of the next few days, I continued to stay late after class to help Mrs. Robinson. I often found myself rushing through my cleaning duties so I could rub her neck and shoulders. We would chat here and there while I was cleaning. I learned a few things about her during our conversations. She would talk about her ex-husband and how he only married her because he was rich, and wanted a trophy wife. She mentioned that he eventually wanted kids, and she was unable to have them, and that was the reason why they split up. We had very "adult" conversations, but the topic never really steered towards sex. After I finished cleaning up, I always managed to find myself massaging her neck and shoulders. She rarely spoke while I massaged her. She usually just moved her bra strap down and let me do my thing. She would occasionally moan softly, which really turned me on. I wanted to make a move, but I was very young and shy back then. Plus I don't think there is a proper approach for hitting on your teacher.

That following weekend, I was a public pool with a friend, and I noticed Mrs Robinson there. She was wearing a bikini, and sun bathing near the deep end of the pool. I walked over and said hello. She smiled and returned my greeting. She went on to explain how she was babysitting her neighbors kids and charged me with helping her keep an eye on them. Seeing her in a two piece, really turned me on, so much in fact I needed to get in the water to hide my incoming erection. Shortly after I got in the water, the lifeguard blew the whistle indicating adult swim. I was in no position to exit the pool so I stayed in and tried to act like I belonged there. Shortly afterwards Mrs. Robinson got up and hopped in the pool next to me. She leaned up against the pool edge and was instructing the children she was babysitting  to behave during the adult swim time. It was the deep end of the pool and I moved in close to her just treading water near her. We just started a conversation, when a lifeguard walked by and asked me how old I was. I lied and said I was eighteen, trying my hardest to act casual. He looked at Mrs. Robinson, with a puzzled look, and she gave him a reassuring nod, before he walked off. I thanked her for covering for me, and she assured me I was more of a adult than most of her friends. I never really knew what exactly she meant by that, but I guess it doesn't matter. Shortly after that, a rather large man dove into the pool, causing a large stir in the mostly still water. The force of the resulting wave knocked me into Mrs. Robinson. I awkwardly tried to avoid the inevitable collision, but there wasn't much I could do. The sudden wave, it pushed my body into hers, jabbing my fully erect penis right into her hip, before it slid off and ran down her lower back. I was very embarrassed, but I tried to play it off as if nothing had happened. She looked at me and smiled and asked me "what was that?" I fumbled with my words while I tried to explain how she was very attractive, and seeing her in a two piece really got me going. I was so embarressed I could barely speak. She assured me it was okay, and explained how it my hormones were probably out of control at my age. She even blushed a little, and thanked me for making her feel sexually attractive. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to die, but somehow she managed me assure me that it wasn't really a big deal.

The following Monday, Mrs. Robinson announced that she was going to need some help with yard work at her house, and asked if anyone could donate their time. Several of the male students raised their hands, but I casually said out loud "I'll do it." She accepted my offer to help, and told me to stay late after class for further details. After class was over, while I was doing my usual duties, she explained to me that she needed some help mowing her grass, and trimming hedges. I thought it was an unusual request for a teacher to make, but then again she was a very different kind of teacher. After I was finished with my duties, I offered to rub her neck and shoulders as always, and she of course accepted. She started moaning again, and this time, just to make a joke, I mentioned if she continued moaning like that, she might get accidentally poked again. She laughed and explained that she couldn't help herself, claiming I had magic hands, and I was going to make  some lucky girl very happy one day. After she said that she started moaning louder, and even a little more seductively, despite my warning. She even said "oh Bones you make me feel so good" (Bones is my name) I wasn't sure if she was flirting with me, or subtly mocking me. Looking back on it now, I'm sure she was flirting with me, but I was only fifteen at the time, and I had no idea what her intentions were.

Over the course of the next few days, Mrs. Robinson increased her flirtatious actions with me. One day she told me to massage her chest, just under her collar bone. While I was doing that, she unbuttoned her blouse slightly, and insisted I move my hands just inside her shirt to do it. The next day she insisted I massage the same area, but this time she guided my hands lower, inside of her shirt, moving them just along the top of her breasts. By this point I knew she was coming onto me, but I had no idea how to respond.

That following weekend, I took the bus to Mrs. Robinson's house, and knocked on her door. It was a very large house, and much nicer than I expected it to be, considering she was living on a substitute teachers salary. When she answered the door, I noticed she was dressed a lot sexier than she usually was in class. She smiled, invited me inside, and offered me something to drink. I accepted her offer, and asked what she had. She said mostly booze and offer to mix me a drink. I reminded her of my age, but all she did was smile and say "I can keep a secret if you can." After I assured her I could, she made me my first ever, Vodka Collins. By the time I finished it she had already had three. I asked what she needed done as far as yard work, and she said we could get to that later, mentioning she wanted a massage first. She guided me upstairs into her bedroom, and started taking off her shirt. I averted my eyes out of respect, but somehow I felt as if that wasn't necessary. She laid down on the bed, face down, and instructed me to grab the bottle of oil on her night stand. I grabbed it, sat down next to her, and poured some onto her back. I started slowly rubbing the oil evenly over her entire back, then I moved into her shoulder and neck region. She once again started moaning, telling me how good I was at making her feel good. After a few minutes she turned over, exposing her bare breasts, and instructed me to massage her chest. I was trying my hardest not to stare, and I think she sensed that I was feeling a little unsettled. She asked me if I was okay, and mentioned we could stop at any time if I was uncomfortable with the naked female body. After I assured her it was fine, she instructed me to continue. I started where I normally did, just below her collar bone. She moaned slightly, and told me to go lower. I moved just above her breasts, rubbing in the crevice where her chest met her breasts. She told me not to be shy and rub her lower. I assumed she wanted me to rub her breasts, so I slid my hands gently over them and started rubbing them. I had no idea how to massage them, but I did my best, thinking if I messed up, she would probably forgive me. I rubbed them for several minutes while she moaned in pleasure. I was extremely turned on, probably more so than I have ever been in my entire life, but I tried my hardest to hide it. She sat up momentarily, looked me right in my eyes, and asked me if I could keep this all a secret. She explained if people found out what we were doing, she could lose her job. I assured her I wouldn't ever tell anyone. She smiled at me and assured me, that's what she wanted to hear. Just after that she leaned in and kissed me.

We kissed for several minutes, before she leaned against me, laying me down on my back. She had one hand behind my back, and she started using her other hand to slowly rub my neck and chest. Soon after she started unbuttoning my shirt and rubbing my chest and stomach. My mind was racing with thoughts of sex. It had been a long time since I last got laid, and I was finally about to get some, from my very attractive teacher no less. She moved her hand down and started rubbing my fully erected manhood, through the fabric of my jeans. I hastily moved my hands down to unbutton my pants, but Mrs. Robinson stopped me, telling me to just relax and let her do it. I think she sensed my overwhelming anticipation, and she started slowly unbuttoning them for me. She pulled my manhood out, grasping it gently, and started slowly kissing her was down my neck, chest, and stomach. The anticipation was killing me, because she was moving so slow. When she finally made it down to my throbbing member, she didn't put it in her mouth right away. She licked the tip for a while just to tease me. She mentioned that I was probably going to cum right away, and if I did that would be okay. I didn't know what she meant by that at the time, but before I could process it, she put my entire manhood into her mouth and started moving her head up and down extremely fast. It felt amazing, and after only twenty seconds I warned her I was about to cum. She didn't stop or slow down at all. I tried my hardest to resist but she was very good at pleasuring me. Soon afterwards I came. My whole body jerked spastically. Looking back on it, it was probably the best orgasm I've ever had in my entire life. She looked up at me and smiled. She mentioned that we weren't done yet, while she put on a robe. She said she was going to go fix us a few more drinks and mentioned that there were cigarettes on her nightstand if I wanted one.

I lit up a smoke while she was gone, and took this time to soak in my surroundings. Her place was unbelievably nice. I was ashing my cigarette in a crystal ashtray that rested on her marble topped nightstand. Her walls were covered in original artwork, and her bed was huge and probably custom made. It had a very masculine feel to it with the color scheme being mostly black, grey, and blue. When she came back into the room, bearing our drinks, I told her that her place was very nice, and asked how she could afford it on a teachers salary. She handed me my drink and told me it was all her ex-husbands, and that she got it all from the divorce process. She mentioned that she didn't want to talk about it, and I never brought it up again. We sat there chatting, smoking and drinking for about fifteen minutes, before she asked me if I was ready to go again. I didn't know how to respond, and while I was trying to think of a way to tell her I needed a little more time, she said "well there's really only one way to find out." While she said the she removed her robe, once again exposing her bare breasts, and she leaned in and kissed me.

Mrs. Robinson didn't take her time with me this time around. She almost immediately reached her hand down into my unbuttoned pants, and grabbed my near fully erected member. She looked at me and smiled, gloating how all she had to do was take her robe off and kiss me, to get me hard. I cockily pointed out it wasn't fully hard, and maybe she should do something about it. She smiled and leaned down and started giving me head once again. She was truly amazing and pleasuring me with her mouth, and within only ten seconds or so, I was fully erect, and ready to go again. To this day, after sleeping with more that eighty women, Mrs. Robinson is still the only woman I've ever know, that put my entire manhood fully inside her mouth. After a few minutes of that, she moved back up and kissed me again. I moved my hands down and started unbuttoning her shorts. She didn't stop me this time, and let me do my thing. I slid them down quickly and went right for her genitals. She stopped kissing me and smiled. She said to take my time and be gentle with her, because it had been a while. She rolled over onto her back, and instructed me to go slowly. I didn't quite know what to do, so I thought I'd just do all the things to her that she did to me. I leaned down and kissed her and started slowly rubbing her clit with my fingers. She parted her legs a little and started moaning slightly. Her moaning really turned me on, and I wanted to hear her moaning louder and more frequently, so I slid my finger inside of her and started thrusting it back and forth vigorously. Much to my surprise, she stopped moaning. She interrupted our kissing, and once again smiled at me and told me to go slower. She mentioned that women were different than men when it comes to sex, and while most me can be turned on in a matter of seconds, women take a little longer. I nodded to express my understanding of her, and continued kissing her. This time, I was much slower. I drug my fingertips all around her genitals, keeping track of the areas that made her twitch and moan. I started slowly rubbing her clit, and once again she started moaning. After several minutes I started rubbing a little faster, and applying more pressure. She moaned even louder. After several more minutes had passed, I slowly slid my finger inside of her, and started thrusting it in a slow yet firm manor. She moaned a little less but didn't interrupt me this time. After a few minutes I tried increasing speed. She didn't stop me but she told me "do it like this" while she moved her hand up and indicated a "come here" motion with her finger. I started using her technique, slowly at first and then eventually, at a much faster pace. She started moaning a lot louder and even screaming at certain points. She reached her hand down into my pants, and started stroking my manhood. She moved her head up to my ear and whispered "I want you inside of me now" I took off my pants and positioned myself on top of her. I told her I didn't have a condom, and she told me not to worry about it. She reached her hand down and guided my manhood inside of her. She was warm and velvety feeling. Tight and wet. It was incredible to finally be having sex with her, after hours of foreplay, weeks of flirting, and months of fantasizing about her. She moaned louder as I increased my speed. I kept to a steady rhythmic pace for fear of her stopping me for going too fast. After several minutes, she told me she wanted it harder, deeper, and faster. I did as I was told, an started doing her as she instructed. She moaned louder, and screamed several times. I didn't know it at the time but every time I made her scream, I was making her cum. I really liked making her scream, and I continued my harder, deeper, faster, rotation long after I was out of energy and completely exhausted. About an hour into it, I was ready to cum again and I told her I was getting close. She told me she wanted me to cum inside of her, and I did as I was told. It was a great feeling, that being the first time I've ever had unprotected sex and came inside a woman. Soon after I collapsed on top of her, totally exhausted, and struggling to catch my breath. She was out of breath as well, and we laid there for about five minutes just trying to catch our breaths.

I eventually rolled over and asked her if I could have another one of her cigarettes. She told me that would be okay, and to light her up one as well. She smiled and mentioned she had never slept with one of her students before. I laughed and mentioned it was my first time with a teacher as well. We laid there and chatted for about an hour. She gave me all kinds of useful tips on sex, that I still use to this day. She explained to me that I was awesome at the sex part, but I needed to work on my foreplay and seduction. She also mentioned I should never let a woman go that far without making a move. I didn't understand what she meant, and she told me, no girl is ever going to let you massage her everyday, and even touch her breasts, without wanting you to make a move. She went on to explain how even after I had her topless and rubbing her breasts in a bed, I still didn't make a move, and she even had to kiss me before I finally knew what was going on. I was astonished to learn she was stringing me along the whole time. I was curious why she picked me, out of a class full of male students, and she simply replied "because you were the cutest and most mature." Our after sex conversation was filled with insight about sex, foreplay, and seduction. I learned more from her than she could ever possibly know. After we finished talking, it was nearly dusk, and she told me I had better get going. I got dressed and told her we should do this again sometime. She smiled and agreed, but reminded me to keep it a secret.

The following Monday I saw her again in class. She was wearing a skirt, which I thought was incredibly sexy. She of course acted as if nothing had happened, as did I. After class was over I started doing my usually cleaning duties. Just after the last student left Mrs.Robinson told me to stop what I was doing, close the blinds, and lock the two doors. I did as I was told, hoping this was going to be what I thought it was. After I finished up I went over to her desk and started kissing her. She told me she was proud of me for making the first move this time. She positioned herself on her desk, spreading her legs and lifting her skirt. I started touching her through the fabric of her panties but she assured me we didn't have time for that. She reached down and undid my pants, grabbed my manhood, and slid it past her panties, inside of her. It was one thing to be having sex with my teacher, but the excitement of doing it in class made it so much hotter. She was much quieter this time, for obvious reasons, but that made it harder for me to tell when I was going to make her cum. I just stuck with the harder, deeper, faster method she had taught me, for about five minutes, before I came. She seemed impressed with my performance, but we barely had time to talk about it. As soon we were decent, I got up and unlocked the door. The moment I did that a student opened it, came in, and took a seat. I was going to be late for my next class anyways so I left.

During the course of our sex charged relationship, I learned a lot from Mrs. Robinson. It was mostly about sex, seduction, and foreplay. I think I learned so much because of her abilities as a teacher, and the fact that all we really did was have sex. We had a lot of sex over the course of about three months. I stopped by her home almost every day, and some nights I even stayed there. We stopped having sex in class a few weeks into our relationship, because we almost got caught. Three days before my sixteenth birthday, I graduated and moved far away. We both knew our relationship would eventually come to an end, and even though there were no strings attached or feelings involved, I was still crushed when we parted. Even to this day I still miss her and think very highly of her.

Other than this post, I've never mentioned what happened between myself and Mrs. Robinson to anyone ever. I left out her name, photos, and a lot of key details to keep her anonymous. I made her a promise I would never tell anyone of our experiences, and I'd like to think, even after this post, that I've managed to keep that promise. So here's to you Mrs. Robinson.

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