Let me fix you a drink.

On more than one occasion, I've managed to impress a girl by inviting her over and fixing her a drink. It's relativly simple to do, it just takes a little practice. In this post, I'll go over the basics. I think alcohol is great for loosening women up. They seem to be more at ease after they've had a few drinks, and so do I.

(picture came from amnow.com)
  What you need

  2-4 matching hurricane glasses
  2-4 matching wine glasses
  2-4 matching rocks glasses
  A metal drink shaker
  Assorted fruit (maraschino cherries, limes, oranges, ect...)
  Little umbrellas
  Booze (preferably top shelf)
  Triple sec
  Pineapple orange juice
  Sweet and sour mix

(picture came from scienceofdrink.com)
The drinks I make the most

Vodka Collins

1 ounce vodka (I use skyy vodka)
1 ounce triple sec
4 ounces sweet and sour mix
A splash of lime juice
A splash of sprite
Mix them all over ice in a drink shaker.
Serve with a lime wedge, over ice in a rocks glass.

(picture came from sld.co.za)

  The Pantie Dropper
  (This one I made up, but girls love it)
  1 ounce vodka
  2 ounces triple sec
  4 ounces pineapple orange juice
  Mix them all over ice in a drink shaker.
  Serve without ice in a hurricane glass.
  Add an orange wedge, a few cherries, and a little umbrella.
  Pour a few drops grenadine into the glass without stirring.

Glass of Wine

Open a bottle of wine and let it breathe, about five minutes.
Fill a wine glass about one third to half way.
Simple, Timeless, Classic

Usually when I offer a girl a drink for the first time, she declines. But after she's seen how much thought I put into making my own drink, almost ninety percent of the time, they'll change their minds and have me make them one. They always seem to be impressed by my attention to detail. Being served a glass of wine, or a drink with a little umbrella in it, instead of a beer or soda, really tends to impress most of the girls I bring home.

It's also pretty cheap to set this up. You can find all the glasses you need at a thrift store for next to nothing. The shaker you can find online, or at some liquor stores. I got mine from Walmart. For everything else, you should be able to find at just about any grocery store. After everything was bought, I think I spent less than seventy dollars. Defiantly a good buy.