I met Stacy at a very dark point in my life. I was incarcerated, for a theft related crime, and serving a one year sentence in a half way house. The half way house is an alternative to jail, although you can wear your own clothes and get a job, it's pretty much still jail. Also unlike most jails it's coed, however relations with other inmates are strictly forbidden. I was about nineteen years old at the time, and my sex drive was in it's prime, but it's hard to get any "action" in that kind of situation. I met Stacy about five months into my stay. I was assigned to do her orientation and give her a quick tour of the facility. Our initial conversation was pretty much strictly business. I could tell she was a little shy and somewhat afraid of the new environment, but that's to be expected of anyone. Despite the fact that she was a little older than me, I thought she was pretty cute, especially when compared to most of the other women there, whom were usually homely looking and unkempt.

A few days into her stay, Stacy started coming out of her shell, and socializing with other inmates. It's very hard to go it alone, and most people in that place, despite the fact that they're all criminals, are pretty friendly. I didn't really know her all that well at the time, but we would chat here and there as our paths crossed. From what I could tell of our short conversations, she was properly educated and well spoken, she wasn't covered in tattoos or piercings, there were no track marks or self inflicted scars on her arms, she didn't strike me as the type of person that belonged in there. She defiantly stood out from the other women in that place, and many of them men in there, including myself, found that to be very attractive.

One of the other male inmates took a liking to her, as he often did with most of the women in there. I never knew his name but everyone called him Whitey because he was so pale. He was very crude, and often made unwelcomed sexual remarks and gestures towards several of the women in there. I didn't know him personally, but I defiantly knew what kind of person he was. He's the type of guy you'd see in a club harassing women all night with cheesy pick up lines, unwanted groping, and crude sexual advances. He obviously had a shortcoming in his life that he over compensated for by being a douche bag. I didn't really like him because men like him always make men in general look bad. He was a classic, textbook definition, of a scumbag.

Over the course of the next few weeks Whitey relentlessly harassed Stacy. He did everything he could to get her in bed with him, and every crude advance he made, she rejected him. I think she had it worse than any of the other women in there, simple because she was prettier. After a while I started feeling bad for her because there wasn't anything she could do about it. If she told the staff members of the facility, that she was being sexually harassed, they wouldn't believe her unless she could prove it, and even if she could, Whitey would only receive a very mild punishment. Plus she would be labeled a "snitch" by all the other inmates, which is about the worse thing you could be in a place like that. Her only other choice was to try and defend herself either by using physical violence, or some other means.

Eventually, it started bothering me, so I decided to intervene in a very passive, non-threatening manor. I walked up too them and jokingly mentioned, "you'll never get your dick wet if you keep going for girls that don't want you." I said it loud enough so others could hear, but in a joking manor with a smile on my face. Since he didn't take it as a threat, it resulted in a positive outcome. He laughed in a cocky fashion and mentioned something about how all girls wanted him, but nonetheless I made him, as well as everyone else that heard me, aware of the fact that she wasn't interested in him, and he left her alone for the time being. After he wandered off, probably to go harass another girl, Stacy thanked me for scaring him away. I jokingly said "I only did that so I could hit on you. So... When you gonna let me get in those panties." She laughed knowing I was only joking & mocking Whitey, but, much to my surprise, she replied "If anyone in here had a shot them, it'd be you." That turned me on so much. After six months in the half way house, and six months in jail, I was pushing a full year without sex, and Stacy, despite her age, was looking very sexy. It was a hard comment to gauge, I didn't really know if she was flirting, or just joking. Either way she defiantly caught my attention.

The next day Stacy was getting on her bicycle, probably on her way to work, when Whitey walked over to her. He was making crude remarks as usual, something about wishing he was that bike seat. He then stood behind her, not allowing her to back out, and started groping her. That really offended me. Before he was just harassing a girl I barely knew, but now he was groping a girl I was potently interested in. That coupled with the fact that he didn't take me seriously the last time I told him she wasn't interested in him, it really pissed me off. Normally I'm very laid back and calm, but this needed to be handled, probably with violence. I walked over to him and grabbed his shoulder VERY firmly, and backed him off. While I did that I said "why don't you just leave her alone, having to listen to your fail attempts to get some booty all day is getting annoying." I really asserted my dominance by puffing out my chest, and standing at my full height, looking down on him as I spoke. This allowed Stacy to leave, she looked back and smiled at me as she pulled off, but now I had to deal with Whitey.

I went and sat down at a nearby table and lit up a smoke. Despite my obvious assertion of dominance, Whitey was fairly level headed at first. He knew he couldn't pick a fight right there because there were staff members near by, and if it went down, we'd both end up back in jail. I think it was more of a shock to him that someone like me, a very mild manored person, would use such a strong force to negate the situation. He went and sat with his friends at a nearby table and started fuming. He purposefully said things at a volume so I could overhear. Things like "man that guys a little cock block bitch," or "everyone watch out for captain save-a-ho." I just ignored him, I wasn't really looking for a fight and I figured he'd cool down eventually. After a few more minutes he walked over to me and started talking shit. It was pretty typical stuff, most of it I just blew off, but eventually he touched my shoulder to grab my attention, and mentioned I disrespected him. That's when I got pissed. Respect is everything in jail or the halfway house. I stood up, using my superior height to tower over him, and I said "you don't know shit about respect. If you had any respect you'd leave that bitch alone after she told you to fuck off the first time. If you had any respect I wouldn't have to listen to your fucked up attempts to get your little dick wet every single day. You've disrespected every bitch in here, with your failed ass attempts to get laid, and after a while, having to listen to that shit gets fucking old." I knew we were going to end up fighting after that, but we weren't in a good place to do it. After his failed attempts to rebuttle he got frustrated and shoved me. I told him "maybe we should handle this upstairs in the mens room, like men." (the mens room was a large locker style bathroom with out cameras. Staff members rarely went in there, and many fights happened there) After I said that he looked around and noticed the staff members just inside the window. He knew we needed to settle our dispute elsewhere.

While we walked upstairs, with a few onlookers that overheard our dispute, I thought about how the fight would go down. I was 6'6" maybe 200 lbs and in great shape. I took three years of wrestling in high school and I knew how to use my weight to my advantage. He was about 5'9" and maybe 165lbs, also in very good shape. I knew I could take him but I had no idea what his fighting capabilities were. It had been years since I had been in a real fight, and Whitey seemed pretty tough. That was a little intimidating, but you gotta do whacha gotta do.

After a short walk we arrived upstairs in the mens room. We had about four people that followed us to watch the fight. After a few minutes of Whitey talking shit, I started to get impatient. I got in his face and told him to throw a punch or shut the fuck up. He didn't, instead he just kept talking shit and said if he hit me I'd just go snitch on him. I used that statement to my advantage. I said "I'm not a fucking snitch, I wouldn't have came all the way up here if that were the case, just quit being a little bitch and throw a punch." He still did't hit me and stuck to his argument that I would just rat him out after he threw a punch. At one point I started taunting him, I said things like "why the fuck did you drag me all the way up here just to talk shit, we could have done that shit downstairs" or "quit being a little bitch and throw a punch already." He still stuck to his argument of me being a snitch. At one point one of the onlookers said "quit sucking each others dicks and throw a punch already." I used that to my advantage to get the crowd on my side. I sad things like "why the fuck did you drag us all up here for nothing" and "sorry guys, looks like the shows canceled because bitch boy wont throw a punch." I knew even if the fight didn't happen, if I could get the crowd on my side, I would still come out the victor. After a few more minutes of our heated debate, I mentioned how this was a waste of every ones time and turned around to head for the exit. That's when he attacked me.

He lunged at me from behind, grabbing me around my waist and pushing his head into my back. I fell forward smashing my mid section into a steel sink. The fall knocked us both off balance and we ended up on the floor. It took me a second to process what had happened, but I quickly kicked in my wrestling training and rolled over and got him in a head lock. He smashed his head back into my face and busted my lip. That pissed me off even more and I started to squeeze even harder. I knew if I could choke him out I'd win the fight. After a few seconds he managed to slip his chin underneath my forearm and bit me, forcing me to release him. He tried to regain his footing as he turned around but he slipped on the wet ceramic floor, and landed on top of me. We wrestled around for a while, trying to gain the upper hand on one another, and somehow we ended up in the shower area. He was surprisingly strong and I struggled shifting my weight trying to pin him down. Eventually I ended up on top of his chest, pinning his arms down with my knees. I started throwing punches into his face, while he was unable to defend it. He rolled his face onto it's side, as that was his only defensible option, and I continued hitting him with my dominant hand, landing all of my blows on the left side of his face. After about nine or ten punches, he stopped trying to struggle, and his body went limp. I knew I knocked him out so I stopped, and struggled to catch my breath and regain my footing. One of the onlookers came and helped my too my feet, and mentioned that he'd probably had enough. I nodded in agreement. When I gained my footing I looked down at Whitey to assess the damage that was done.

Whitey was still breathing, but unconcious, covered in blood, and laying partly in one of the showers with only his legs and feet sticking out. I turned on the shower to it's cold setting, to help clean him up, thinking maybe that'll help him cool off. I went to have a look at myself the mirror, to assess any damage he did to me. My shirt, hands and fore arms were covered in blood, none of it was mine. I could taste blood in my mouth form where he had headbutted me, but it didn't seem severe. My fore arm was sore from where he had bit me, but that didn't hurt so much either. My knuckles were very sore and starting to swell but they weren't bleeding. What hurt me the most was the initial fall I took into the sink. I didn't know it at the time, but that fall into the sink ended up fracturing two ribs on my right side. I cleaned myself up in the sink and used the clean backside of my shirt to dry off. I tossed my shirt in the trash to help get rid of any evidence linking me to the fight. As I walked out of the bathroom I looked back at the onlookers and said "you guys didn't see nothing here right?" They all nodded in agreement, and one guy even responded, "I didn't see shit."

I went into my room, which was only a few feet away from the bathroom, to grab a clean shirt. After I was all set, I headed downstairs and outside to have a smoke. I was followed by a few of the onlookers, they were mostly talking me up, and mentioning highlights of the fight. One guy even mentioned "man I can't believe that little bitch bit you, we should start calling him Bitey instead of Whitey." I laughed at that. Little did I know at the time that name would stick with him for the next several months. I told people to keep it on the down low, because I didn't want everyone to know what happened. The wrong information in the wrong hands would end me up in jail. Shortly after I finished my smoke a staff member came outside and informed us that we were on a facility lockdown. (which means we have to go to our rooms until they say we can come out) I knew they had found Whitey and that's what this was all about, but I just played dumb and went along with it. I went upstairs to my room and noticed several staff members guarding the door to the bathroom. A few minutes after I was in my room I noticed an ambulance pulled up on the side of the building. I could barely see it but I knew why it was there, and I knew I was probably going to be in deep shit.

After a few minutes they rolled Whitey out on a gurney. They weren't moving at a rushed pace which had to be a good sign right? After they left the staff members lifted the lockdown, and lined us all up outside. They started inspecting people at one end of the row asking them to show their hands. I knew they were looking for abrasions on peoples knuckles, or any other indications that they had been in a fight. I glanced down at my knuckles to double check, but other than some minor swelling and a little soreness, they appeared to be okay. When they got to me I held up my hands but I made fists to hide the swelling. I kept my forearms facing down to hide the bite mark, and I bit my lip to hide the swelling. It was one of the most paranoid feelings I'd ever had in my life. If they had found ANY indication that I was somehow involved, I would have ended up in jail facing possible assault charges. They cleared me after a quick look, which was extremely relieving. after that was all over I sat down at a nearby table and lit up a smoke. One of the head directors came outside and yelled, "If anybody knows anything about what happened, let us know. We might even throw in a few positive SIR's." (positive SIR's were like little rewards for extra free time or snacks and such.) I glanced over at the few onlookers and they all threw me a reassuring nod. I knew none of them would rat me out, and I also knew once Whitey woke up he had no choice but to keep his mouth shut. (pun intended & explained later)

After I finished my cigarette, I headed upstairs to my room to lie down. The pain in my ribs was starting to become overwhelming whenever I moved, so I figured a little rest would help. After a few hours laying there in my bed, I fell asleep. One of my friends came in my room and woke me up. He mentioned Stacy was back and looking for me. I went to get up but when I moved, the pain in my ribs was excruciating, and I collapsed. He saw I was in pain and offered to help, but I didn't want to move again. It was just too much pain for me to bare. I told him to tell her I was asleep, and he nodded and left. Shortly after Stacy came upstairs into me room. Women were not allowed to be in the upstairs area, it was for men only. It was a very strict rule and if she got caught in my room we'd both be in so much trouble. I reminded her of that rule and she said she didn't care. She mentioned that she'd heard about the fight. That didn't come as a surprise, I'm sure the gossip spread like wildfire while I was resting. She came and sat down beside me on my bed and I flinched at the sudden movement. She noticed even though I tried my hardest to hide it. She asked if I was hurt and I told her it was fine. She saw through my lie and lifted up my shirt. She saw my ribs and by that time they were heavily bruised. She ran her fingers over them and took note of when I flinched. I didn't know this at the time but Stacy was a registered nurse. She smiled and said "well tough guy it looks like you fractured your 5th and 6th ribs." I smiled and said "you should have seen the other guy." She smiled and said she already did. She informed me that he went to the hospital where she was working, and she happened to be working in the ER that afternoon. I asked if he was okay and she said he would be fine. It turns out he needed thirteen stitches to reattach his lower earlobe and he was in surgery having his mouth wired shut because I broke his lower jaw right where it meets the joint. They also needed to fix his fractured eye socket, and remove two of his rear molars I knocked out. I was relieved to know he was going to be alright, but a little frightened at my own strength, knowing how much damage I did in such a short amount of time. She got very serious for a minute and told me that was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her. I assured her she was just overly romanticizing the situation, and how it really wasn't even a big deal. I went on to tell her how it was more for my benefit that hers. That guy was a douchebag and he needed to be taught a lesson. She responded by telling me regardless of what my intentions were, I still came to her aid in her time of need.

She leaned down and kissed me on my forehead, to thank me for my inadvertent good deed. When she pulled her head away we locked eyes and I felt a strong sense of sexual tension. I moved my hand up to her cheek and brushed it softly with the back of my fingers. She leaned back down and kissed me. It was a very passionate kiss, filled with pent up sexual tension. After a few minutes of our steamy kiss I moved my hand down from her face and started exploring her body. When I got to her chest, she smiled and leaned back. I tried to lean forward to continue our kiss but the pain stopped me. She put her hand firmly on my chest and said "you just lie back and let me do this" She took her top of and teased me while she undid her bra. Her breasts were firm and perky for a woman of her age. I didn't know how old she was at the time, but later I learned she was forty nine. She even had a daughter that was a few years older than I was. Anyways she leaned back down, momentarily pressing her chest in my face before she moved down and kissed me. I was very turned on. She started making her was down my body, kissing me all along the way. When she got to my pants she undid them and, after teasing me a little more, she slid my manhood into her mouth. She was very talented at that particular skill. After a few minutes I warned her that she was going to make me cum. She stopped momentary and told me that would be fine, and then she continued. That was a real turn on and soon after I came. Much to my surprise she swallowed it and looked up at me and smiled with a sense of self satisfaction.. It was at that time we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Stacy panicked and rolled off the bed sliding underneath it. SHE TOOK THE BLANKET WITH HER! I managed to pull my shirt back down covering my bruised ribs, but as I was pulling my pants up my door popped open. It was a female staff member doing a routine check, and there I was lying on my bed with my pants pulled down, and my member at full attention. I couldn't help but smile at her and say "Oh it's exactly what it looks like." She looked down, noticed my unit, smiled, and said, "carry on." She blushed as she closed my door and continued her rounds. Luckily for me, she didn't notice Stacy and there were no rules against masturbation. That was defiantly the single most embarrassing moment of my entire life.

The next day Whitey got out of the hospital. His jaw was wired shut, and his eye was swollen shut. The director of the half way house pulled him into the office, and questioned him. Whitey made up some phony story about how he slipped and fell in the bathroom. He really had no choice but to say that. If he would have ratted me out, we both would have ended up in jail. We both would have gotten assault charges and I would have probably gotten stuck with his massive medical bill. Plus he would have been labeled as a snitch. If he stuck with his slip and fall story, no one would have gotten in trouble and the half way house would have had to cover his medical expenses. Luckily for us both he knew what the obvious choice was, and chose wisely. He stuck to himself for the next several weeks, as most of his former friends started teasing him and calling him Bitey. We made sure not to cross each others paths for the remainder of our stay and he never harassed Stacy again.

Stacy and I continued our little fling for several months, keeping it a secret from everyone. We found this rarely used stairway in the facility and had sex in there about three or four times a day. It was so much hotter knowing that we could both be caught at any time and probably end up in jail for it. The risk factor was a huge turn on for both of us. I eventually found out how old she really was and when I didn't believe he she introduced me to her daughter. Her daughter was three years older than me and she even had a child of her own. It was weird for me to know I was shacking up with a grandmother, but honestly, it turned me on even more. We both knew from the start that our "jail house fling" wasn't going anywhere, and shortly after she was released, we lost contact.