I met Rebecca several years ago while I was working as a waiter at a local diner. It was technically my first day on the job, but I've worked at that peculiar restaurant before. Rebecca came in late that evening and was seated in my section. While I was serving her, I naturally flirted with her. I used to flirt with all of my customers, because it increased my tips. Rebecca was one of the customers who flirted back. It was fairly slow that evening, so I eventually sat across from her, and started hitting on her. I could tell right away, that she was into me. We chatted and flirted casually with one another for about an hour, before I had to start doing my closing work. On her way out the door, she mentioned that she'd be at a local bar with few friends, just across the street, and if I got off work before they closed, I should join her. I told her I'd be there.

After I was finished with work, I stopped by that bar for a drink, and also too see if she was there. She held true to her promise and was there waiting for me when I arrived. I could tell she had already had a few drinks, maybe even too many, because she was much more flirty and direct with me. I ordered a drink and joined her, and her friends, at their table. Rebecca was being extra flirtatious with me, she sat very close to me, and was fooling around with me under the table. I had a few drinks with her, and we shared some rather naughty conversation. It was getting close to the bars closing time, so I knew I had to make a move. I eventually offered to take her back to my place after the bar closed, for some "coffee." Before she could respond, one of her friends TOTALLY COCK BLOCKED ME, saying she didn't think it was a good idea for her to go home with someone she just met. I've been in these situations before, and I know only bad things can come from trying to argue. I just smiled and said "that's cool then, can't blame a guy for trying" That seemed to win over her friends, but I still knew Rebecca wanted me. I wrote down my number on a bar napkin, and slipped it to her. I whispered in her ear, "if you wanna meet up later, here's my number." I finished my drink, covered the bar tab for the entire table, and left.

Shortly after I got home, Rebecca called me to thank me for paying the tab for her and her friends. They didn't know I covered the bill until after I left. She asked if I was home already, and I told her I was. She asked where I lived and I explained it was only about a block away from the bar. She asked me for directions, because she really needed to use my restroom. I knew I was set at that point. When she arrived, she immediately went to my restroom. I went to my bedroom, dimmed the lights and put on some music. I was pondering how I was going to get in her pants. After she was finished in my restroom, she came into my bedroom and started kissing me. It was a very direct move on her part, and it took a lot of the guess work out on my end. We kissed for a few minutes before we moved to my actual bed, and she started taking off her clothes. Apparently she only needed a few minutes of foreplay, which is always nice. I eventually put on a condom and positioned myself on top of her. I was going to tease her for a few minutes, but I could tell that wasn't necessary in this case. I thrust myself deep inside of her, and she moaned in pleasure. She was very loud in bed which really turns me on. I got her off several times during the course of our alcohol fueled passion. She screamed every time I made her cum, which always really turns me on, but I'm sure it pissed of my neighbors. Eventually I finished, rolled over on my back, and lit up a smoke. I smiled and thanked her for deciding to stop by. She got up and started getting dressed, saying she needed to leave. I asked her if she was going to be okay to drive, and even offered her the opportunity to stay the night. She told me her babysitter wouldn't appreciate that, and insisted she had to go.

The next day Rebecca called me, wanting to hang out again. I offered to take her to lunch and she accepted. I had her meet me at a really upscale sushi place. Over lunch we chatted, and flirted casually. I really seemed to impress her with my intellect and class, because she kept mentioning it. I could tell she was really into me, from how she spoke to me. I explained to her how I wasn't looking for anything serious, and we should keep our little relationship casual. She agreed, claiming she just got out of a relationship herself with her children's father. We made plans too meet up later that evening, after I got off of work.

She came over later that evening, and everything went pretty much that same as it did the night before. She went to the restroom, came into me room, kissed me, and we had sex. Not much changed except this time we were both sober, and she seemed to be a little louder this time around. Personally, I love when a girl is loud in bed, but I lived in a condo at the time, and I'm sure my neighbors didn't share my enthusiasm. One of them even changed their wifi name to "we can hear you having sex" shortly after I started dating Rebecca, which I thought was hilarious. Eventually, for the sake of my neighbors, I started spending the night at her place, where she was much quieter because her kids were usually sleeping a few rooms away.

Over the course of the next several weeks, Rebecca started demanding more of my free time, and I could tell her kids were starting to get attached to me, as I would often get them gifts when I visited. Things were moving a little fast for me and I told Rebecca how I felt. She didn't respond to it well, but she respected my decision to slow things down a bit. Over the course of the next few weeks, although we did see each other a lot less, Rebecca became increasingly needy. She started borrowing money from me, which I didn't mind that much because I had it to spare, but it seemed to me like she was growing dependent on me. I defiantly felt as if she was looking for a father for her children and something more long term than what she initially led me to believe. Eventually I told her we needed to end our relationship because I couldn't meet the needs she had for herself and her children. She was sad to see me go, but I think she knew all along I wasn't what she was looking for.