I met Crystal while attending high school several years ago. I don't really remember anything about her from that time. She was a freshmen and I was what you would call a super senior. Not that long ago she tracked me down on Facebook and sent me a friends request. I had no idea who she was, but she looked familiar so I accepted it. I went through all of her pictures on Facebook and knew I knew her from somewhere, but I had no idea how I knew her. I gave up in frustration and sent her a message asking her who she was and how I knew her. She mentioned how we went to school together. I still didn't remember her very well, but at least now I knew roughly who she was.

Over the course of the next few weeks she posted a lot of crap on Facebook. It was hard to ignore her posts, as they were posted so frequently. Eventually I started reading them, out of boredom and curiosity. From what I could tell from reading her posts, she was a pretty typical girl, talkative, friendly, family oriented, sociable, ect... However I've trained myself to read between the lines. I started noticing subtle things in her posts that stood out to me. I sensed a lot of pent up sexual tension and frustration. I initially shrugged it off thinking maybe I was wrong. Shortly afterwards I noticed a lot of guys were commenting on her posts. They had to have sensed the same thing I noticed right? I decided to act, I just had to know if I was getting the right signals from her. She had this picture in her albums of herself in a bikini. I posted a pretty bold comment saying "I'd hit it." Shortly afterwards she "liked" my comment on her picture. That had to be a good thing right?

Soon after I sent her an instant message. I was fishing for information, because I barely knew her. During our chat she mentioned that she always had a crush on me. I was flattered, to say the least, but I just played it cool. Our conversation was short because she had too go, so I didn't really have a chance to hit on her. I wasn't really sure how to handle this one. She was defiantly flirting with me, and I could tell she was sexually frustrated, but it's hard for me to read a woman over Facebook.

The next day I noticed she was online so I sent her an instant message. I made the boldest move I've ever made with a women. I just straight out asked her if she wanted to come over to my place and have sex. She replied with "lol" and a few minutes later she mentioned she couldn't tell if I was being serious or not. I told her I was serious, that she seemed like she needed to get laid, and that I thought I would be perfect for it. She laughed at my bold suggestion at first, but then she started pondering the idea of us having sex. She asked me if it would be good sex. I told her it would be phenomenal, no strings attached, no questions, no regrets. She mentioned something about how everyone would think of her as a slut. I laughed at that and said I'd be the only one who knew about it, and I'd never refer to her in such a manor. After a few more minutes of coaxing, I finally convinced her to come over for a drink, just so we could discuss it further, and if she decided against it, I'd be fine with it.

Crystal came over about an hour later. She wore a low cut blouse and some jeans. I knew just by looking at her, and the fact that she came over, that if I played my cards right, there was a strong chance of us sleeping together. She was extremely shy and nervous, so I poured us a both a drink. We sat on my couch, had a few drinks and chatted for a while. It wasn't long before I noticed she started loosing up. That's when I started flirting with her. I brought up the idea of us having sex, just to test the waters. She laughed at the idea and even blushed a little. She mentioned it probably wasn't going to happen. I told her I didn't have any expectations or demands of her, and she was free to do as she liked. She smiled at me and thanked me for understanding. I leaned in, very close to her, and whispered, "here's a little sample of what you're passing up," and I kissed her. I thought I was going to catch her off guard, but she kissed me back, as if she was anticipating it. I brushed my palm softly against her cheek, and kissed her very passionately. I made my way down her neck, kissing her along the way. When I got to her ear, I whispered, "that's too bad" and I pulled away from her. It was a short kiss, but it was filled with sexual tension. Judging from how she reacted when I kissed her, I knew I probably could have had her right there, but I decided to tease her a little. After I pulled away from her, I smiled in a cocky fashion, and offered to refresh her drink. For me it isn't always about getting sex, while I do enjoy the chase, many times I like to reverse the situation, and let the woman come after me. 

After a few more drinks and flirty conversation, I realized Crystal wasn't going to take the bait. We both knew the night was going to end with sex, but she hung on to her modesty, and never showed any clear signs that she wanted it just as much as I did. I was okay with that, but I always feel it's worth a shot, given the right circumstances. I stretched out, indicating I was bored, and I asked her what she wanted to do for the rest of the evening. She smiled and mentioned she was having fun just talking. I said "talking's fun, but we could just make out again instead" in a cocky manor. She laughed at the idea, but I leaned in to kiss her anyways. It was a long and passionate kiss this time, full of sexual tension. I started moving my hands up and down her body, letting them drag over her breasts when I got to them each pass. When she didn't stop my little intrusions, I got a little bolder and started gently squeezing and rubbing them. After some time I went to unhook her bra, and I quickly realized it didn't have a clasp in the back. I hate bra's that clasp in the front, as they tend to be a little more tedious. Often times I can unhook a bra without the woman even noticing, but when they clasp in the front, it's a lot more obvious what I'm going for. I let my fingers drag down her breasts, into her cleavage, and down to her bra clasp. I took me less that half a second to unhook it, probably the best I've ever done with a front clasp. It's kinda nice when you can still impress yourself. I slowly lifted her shirt up, and started fondling her now exposed breasts. She didn't show any signs of hesitation. After some time had passed, I moved my hand down and undid her jeans. As I reached my hand inside, she slightly parted her legs. I started slowly touching and rubbing her. She didn't try to stop me. Usually when I do this, girls start showing signs that I'm turning them on, such as moaning, increased breathing, arching their back, ect... Crystal, however, didn't show me any signs at all. She just laid there and kissed me. I figured I was maybe doing something wrong, so I increased my efforts. I tried just about every trick I could think of, and after nearly a half hour, I still didn't get any response from her. I had no idea what I was doing wrong, and I was starting to think maybe it was her. I started pondering the idea that she could only get off during sex, or not at all. Shortly afterwards, I whispered in her ear, "lets take this back to my bedroom" She looked up at me and nodded in agreement, so I led her to my room by the small of her back.

Inside my room it was very dark. I guided her to my bed and laid her down gently. We kissed for several more minutes, before I started removing her clothes, and my own. I thought maybe I could get her off, or at least arouse her, if I gave her some oral sex. That's something I rarely do, because I've never thought I was any good at it, but I thought maybe, since I already tried everything else, I'd give it a shot. I went down on her for about twenty minutes, and still got very little response from her. She would occasionally twitch her legs, and I did notice slightly elevated breathing, but that's about it. Afterwards I grabbed a condom off of my nightstand and put it on. I climbed on top of her and teased her for a bit before I slid myself inside of her. I started slowly and worked into a faster pace over time. It was terrible, she didn't moan, move her hips, or anything. I leaned down and whispered "does that feel good?" She said "yes." but I didn't believe her at the time. I started using my fail proof harder, deeper, faster, method, and even that got me hardly any response. After about a half hour, I finally gave up and finished. I rolled over onto my side, panting and wheezing. She really took it out of me. She just laid there and said that was the greatest sex she'd ever had. I replied "yea right I probably didn't even get you off." She said I did, eight times to be exact. I was very confused at that point, and asked when she had them. She told me two on the couch, one when I was going down on her, and the rest when I was inside of her. I was befuddled and I even accused her of lying, but she insisted it was the truth. I eventually believed her, as she really had no reason to lie to me. After a few more minutes of chatting, she decided it was time to go home and get some sleep.

A few days later, she sent me an instant message on Facebook. After a few minutes of chatting, I could tell she wanted more sex from me. She asked what I was doing for the evening, and I told her I had plans. I normally don't turn down a sure thing, but I really did have another date for that evening. Plus, she was terrible in bed. She just laid there, still and lifeless. Having sex with her was like trying to screw a futon. After a few more instant messages, she noticed I always seemed to have plans and eventually she stopped contacting me.