I met Sarah in the late summer of 2005.  She moved into the apartment next to mine. I didn't officially meet her until a few days after she moved in.  I used to play the piano in the afternoons, just to keep in practice, and one day I left my door open to help cool my apartment from the summer heat. Sarah was walking by and over heard me playing.  She poked her head inside my doorway to listen to me play. I heard her walking up, and knew she was there, but I just pretended I didn't notice her.  I played her a few songs, really just trying to impress her, before she applauded me. I turned around and thanked her, and invited her inside for a drink. She accepted my offer and came in. We had a glass of wine and chatted casually, mostly about my piano playing. I welcomed her to the neighborhood. She mentioned she was new in town and attending the local college. I offered to show her around sometime, just to be friendly, and she said "I'll defiantly take you up on that sometime."

The next day, while I was practicing my piano skills, Sarah knocked on my door. I got up and answered it. She mentioned my offer to show her around and asked if I knew a good sushi place. I mentioned a few I knew off the top of my head, and started giving directions. She looked at me puzzled and asked me if I would drive her because she would probably get lost. She told me that if I drove her she would buy me lunch. I thought it was unusual, but nontheless I accepted.

I drove her to Nimo's Sushi Bar.  Their sushi is not the best in town, but the atmosphere and name of the restaurant is just awesome. We chatted casually over lunch. She was difficult to read but I could tell that she was flirting with me. There was an autographed picture on the wall of an Asian man holding a guitar. Sarah pointed it out to me. She giggled and mentioned musicians were very sexy.  I gave her a sexy smile and told her I could play the guitar as well. I knew she was into me at this point, but I didn't come onto her just yet.  I really liked the idea of a cute girl coming onto me.

A few days passed before I saw Sarah again. I wasn't really sure what I should do. I wanted to go for it and ask her out, but I was just loving the idea of letting her come to me. If I made the next move, I would lose my chance to have her come onto me. On the other hand if I waited for her, I might lose the opportunity all together. I decided to take the safer route and I knocked on her door. When she answered I asked her out to dinner. I went on to explain she needed to let me pay her back for lunch the other day and I wouldn't take no for an answer. She accepted my offer and we made plans for eight o'clock the following evening.

That following evening I knocked on her door at exactly eight o'clock. Much to my surprise she answered it wearing nothing but a towel. I laughed and mentioned how I wasn't planning on getting her clothes off until after dinner. She gave me a very wry smile and invited me in to wait.  After a few minutes she came back properly dressed, and we set off for the restaurant.

I took her to one of my favorite "date" restaurants, The Moot House. During the course of our meal we chatted casually. I slowly started hitting on her and flirting with her. She responded to my advances with a little flirting of her own.  Just minor stuff that I've trained myself to notice. She would curl her hair around her finger as she talked too me. She would let the strap from her top fall down her arm, and pull it back up onto her shoulder. She would laugh at every humorous thing I said, even if it wasn't really all that funny. Just little things like that. I could feel the sexual tension growing between us.

After we finished eating I drove her home. As she was unlocking her door, I noticed the strap from her top had once again fallen down her shoulder.  I moved my hand to it and slowly slid it back up her shoulder. Our eyes locked at this point, and I could feel the sexual tension between us once again. I leaned in and kissed her.  We kissed in her doorway for a few minutes before I invited her across the hallway to my place for a few drinks. She smiled shyly and declined my offer.

The following evening, while I was practicing my piano skills, Sarah knocked on my door. When I answered it she asked if she could come in and listen to me play for a while. I told her that'd be fine and I poured us a few glasses of wine.  She sat on my couch, and listened to me play for about an hour. After I was finished I refreshed our drinks and sat next to her.  She told me she had a thing for musicians and complimented me for knowing how to hit all her buttons. I mentioned I had a guitar in my bedroom and asked her if she'd like to hear me play it. She told me she'd love to, and followed me to my room.  We both sat on my bed and I played her a few songs. I felt that strong sexual tension between us once again. If I remember correctly I was right in the middle of playing and singing the chorus from Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, when she leaned in and attacked me. She started kissing me very aggressively and unbuttoning my shirt. I've never had a girl come onto me so strongly before, and I just want to say, it was awesome. I went to roll her over onto her back so I could start exploring her body with my hands, but when I went to move her, she pushed be onto my back, climbed on top of me, and started grinding me. She continued this for a few minutes, occasionally saying things like "you're so fucking hot" and "I want you so badly" or my personal favorite "I want too feel you inside of me." I went to unhook her bra but before I could, she leaned up and took her shirt and bra off in one quick motion.  I reached my hands down to her pants and was trying to unbutton them, but once again she took charge. She rolled over onto her side and undid my pants. She pulled them down, just past my hips and started giving me head. I wasn't used to a girl being so aggressive and I wanted to take charge of how the situation was progressing, but none of that seemed to matter when my manhood was inside her mouth. While she was busy doing her thing, I reached over to my night stand and grabbed a condom. By the time I had it out of the package, she had taken her pants off and was ready for me. I barely got the condom on before she climbed back on top of me and started grinding me again. I was inside of her for about twenty seconds or so before she had her first orgasm. About every two minutes after that she would get herself off again. She continued this for about thirty minutes before she tired herself out. That's when I rolled her over onto her back, and had my way with her. I got her off a few more times before I finished. After it was all over, I rolled over onto my back, and we both struggled to catch our breaths.  I lit up a smoke and jokingly thanked her for her vigorous actions. She laughed and told me it was her pleasure. We laid in bed and chatted for a few hours before she got dressed and went home.

I called her the following day and told her straight out that I wasn't really looking for a relationship. I told her we could date but we needed to keep it casual and low key. She accepted my terms and we dated for a few weeks. It was a relationship based around sex. Almost everyday after she got home from school she would stop by my place for sex. About four weeks into our relationship she told me that she was falling for me, and unless I changed my mind and wanted more from our relationship, maybe we should stop dating. I really respect her for doing that. Most girls I've dated try to change my views on relationships and force me into something I don't want. We both agreed to end it before it went any further.