My 1st date with Kelly.

It was about three days after I met Kelly that I decided to give her a call.  I made sure to call her on the weekend when I knew she wouldn't be working.  We chatted for a few hours.  It was mostly small talk. She mostly spoke of trying to get licensed to sell insurance, and her work with Progressive Auto Insurance.  I mostly flirted with her and made her laugh.  The conversation on the phone was fairly ordinary for a first time call.  I did notice it never went silent or dull, and that's always a plus.  I feel it's important to keep the conversation rolling.  I was trying to fish information out of her as to what she would like to do on a first date but I wasn't having much luck.  The conversation never quite turned in that direction.  After a few minutes of frustration, I blurted out and asked her if she liked opera.  She said she loved it but never got a chance to go and see it.  I mentioned that my boss had box seats he wasn't planning on using and I could probably snag them. I asked if she would like to join me on a date.  There was a small pause before her response. That pause seemed like an eternity.  My mind raced with all the possible responses she could have given me.  After what seemed like forever she said she would love to go.

It turns out I lied.  My boss did not have box seats. I've noticed on the past that if you make it seem like it's not taking you any effort to take a girl out on a first date, than she is much more likely to accept.  Likewise if you go out of your way to make a huge grand gesture, she is more likely to decline.  I think it's a woman's way of being modest, but honestly I have no clue as to why.
I found a pair of tickets online for a showing of Pagliacci along with a few other operas at the Denver Center for Preforming Arts.  I also made a reservation at my favorite date restaurant, The Canyon Chop House.  It was two weeks away, so I had plenty of time to prepare. It was also going to cost me a fortune.  I usually don't mind spending a lot of money on a first date because it usually pays off in the end, and even if it doesn't, I still have a night to remember.

The time had come for our big night and I arranged to pick Kelly up around four o'clock in the afternoon. I was planning on having her over afterwards, if things went according to plan, so I was sure that my place was clean.  I wore a nice pair of black slacks and dress shoes with a black dress shirt.  I told her ahead of time to wear something a little formal.  I didn't really care what she wore, but I just didn't want her to be the only person at the theater in a pair of jeans.  I also mentioned after the show I would take her out to dinner.  I drove to her place and texted her phone letting her know I was outside waiting.  I noticed right away when she came out that she went out of her way to look good for me.  She was wearing a little black dress with a black lacy bra and matching panties, a black garter belt with black thigh high stalkings (not that I knew this right away) and a black purse with black 4" heels to tie everything together.  She smelled like lilacs.  It was a long drive to the theater and I had some smooth jazz music playing on the car stereo. The conversation on the drive was typical.  She said I had a nice car which I thought was funny because it was a rental car that her work was paying for, until I got a new car, but I kept my laughter to myself.  I could tell by her body language that she was nervous.  I tried to counter that by keeping her talking, and using my own body language to make myself seem as relaxed as possible.  When we got there she offered to pay for parking and I told her not to worry about it.  I didn't want her to pay for anything at all, that's just my way of being old-fashioned and chivalrous.  When I picked up our tickets, they noticed I had box seats and had an usher escort us to our seats.  We had a spectacular view of the stage and our own private waiter.  We each had a glass of wine and chatted casually while we waited for the show to start.  I could tell that she was way out of her element in this kind of setting, so I tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible.  Soon after the lights dimmed and the show started.  It was a wonderful rendition.  I glanced over at her from time to time.  She seemed to be very immersed in the show.
After about an hour they took a break for intermission.  We ordered another glass of wine and slipped outside for a cigarette.  During our smoke she mentioned how she was having a wonderful time and how nice it was of my boss to give me these tickets for free.  I laughed to myself because this was nowhere near free.  In fact by this point in the date I had already spent nearly seven hundred dollars, but she didn't need to know that.  I could tell at this point that she had loosened up a little bit, which was nice.  I often found myself staring at her as she spoke.  So much in fact that she stopped me and said "why are you staring at me"  I just responded with "because you look very sexy in that dress" She blushed shyly and it was time for the second half of the show.  We went back to our seats and waited for the second half of the show to start.  The waiter came back in and asked if we needed a hot towel or more beverages.  I took him up on him towel offer.  Kelly laughed as I mocking used the hot towel.  I guess we were both a little out of our element, and it was fun to point that out.  The second half started shortly afterwards.  It seemed to me like Kelly had loosened up enough for me to start slowly seducing her.  I leaned in close to her, with my body right next to hers, and put my arm around her.  She didn't show any signs of rejection or restraint. In fact she leaned in closer to me.  This was a clear sign that she was into me and maybe I should take it a little further when the next opportunity presents itself.  The second half of the show ended about an hour later.  We cheered as the cast took the stage a final time and bowed.  It truly was a spectacular show.  We lit up another smoke on the way back to my car.  During that walk I noticed that she seemed very accustomed to walking in heels, I figured she only wore them because I was so much taller than her, but after seeing her walk over a steel grate in them completely un-phased by it, suggested to me that she wore them often, which is a plus too me because I love a very feminine woman.  After a short walk and casual conversation about the show we were back at my car and off to dinner.

We arrived at the restaurant around eight o'clock and I gave the hostess my reservation information. I used the name Dr. Bones just for laughs.  We were promptly seated.  They even pulled out Kelly's chair for her, placed her napkin in her lap, and opened her menu for her.  That's why I love taking dates here because they always go over the top for me.  We ordered pei mussels as an appetizer. I ordered a roasted rack of lamb and she ordered the pan seared Colorado trout with scallops. We had a few glasses of wine while we waited and casually chatted.  This time I steered the conversation in a more flirtatious manner.  I remember asking her if she would ever kiss a guy on the first date and she said no.  I told her I was going to take it upon myself to make her break that rule before the night was over.  She smiled shyly at my clear mocking of her morals and didn't deny me the opportunity to try.  At that point I knew I could probably get away with being a little more cocky and take my flirting and seduction to a more aggressive level.  Our food arrived shortly after and we ate.  I was sure to use proper manners and table etiquette.  I flirted with her while we dined and made her know clearly what my intentions were.  I vowed to her that I would get that kiss before the night was over.  Shortly after the waitress came over and offered us dessert or espresso.  Kelly declined but I insisted that the espresso here was worth having and I ordered us two cups.  I actually never had the espresso there but I wanted Kelly to have some.  I didn't want our evening to end because she was tired and needed sleep.  The waitress came back with our drinks and dropped off the check.  Kelly once again offered to pay, but once again I insisted I had it covered.  When we finished and as we were leaving the hostess said "As always we love having you Dr. Bones, and we hope too see you again soon."  I laughed to myself and Kelly asked after we left whether or not I was really a doctor.  I told her I wasn't, I just find it amusing to make reservations under that name.  When we got in my car Kelly asked me if I was taking her home yet.  I responded with "are you ready to give me that kiss."  She gave me a sexy smile and said "no."  So I told her "well I guess this date isn't over just yet."

I took her for a drive up into the mountains and we looked out over the city lights.  I knew of this really great pull off spot where we could enjoy the view.  When we got up there I parked and turned off the car only leaving the stereo running.  I went around to the trunk and got out a blanket, a bottle of wine and a few wine glasses.  I set us up a nice little late night picnic.  She didn't know I had this planned all along, and was surprised at how much thought I put into our first date.  We drank our wine and gazed out over the city lights.  I kept steering the conversation to how I was going to get that kiss and she was going to have to give in to my demands otherwise we might end up out there all night.  It was a warm summer night but it was a little breezy and I noticed Kelly seemed chilly.  I leaned over placing my body right next to hers and put my arm around her.  She leaned in next to me for warmth.  I could feel the goose bumps on her arm as I held her.  We sat there for about an hour talking before I decided to just lean in and go for it.  She was mid sentence when I leaned in and kissed her.  I caught her off guard but she didn't stop me.  It was very passionate kiss.  I brought my hand up and brushed it softly against her cheek.  I used my other hand to pull her body closer to mine.  I kissed her for about ten minutes before my phone beeped at me telling me I had a new text message.  I pulled away from her and smiled in a cocky fashion as to proclaim my victory.  She asked what the beep was and I lied and told her it was my phone dying.  I told her that it was going continue beeping and drive me crazy unless I charged it, and since my car accident, I didn't have my car charger on me.  I told her that we would have to stop by my place for about twenty minutes to let it charge.  She didn't seem hesitant at all going to my house so late at night for such a lame reason, but I know from past experience if I'm trying to get a girl back to my place, having a valid excuse looks much better than saying "wanna go back to my place." Soon after, I packed up our makeshift picnic, and we set off for my house.  Little did she know I had much more in store for her than a simple stop along the way.

My house at the time was very nice.  It's hard to give an accurate description but I spent a lot of time and money making it feel like home.  As we walked inside, she mentioned she needed to use the restroom and I gave her directions where it was.  While she was gone I plugged in my phone and started making myself a drink.  She walked out of the restroom just as I was shaking my vodka collins in my drink shaker. I offered her a drink while she waited and she accepted.  I made her a hurricane in a cocktail glass and I put a little umbrella in it just to show off.  She sat on my couch while she waited and was looking through my magazines on my coffee table.  They were guy magazines, mostly Maxim and Playboy.  I walked over, sat right next to her, and gave her, her drink.  We chatted while we drank and she noticed the piano I had in my library.  She asked if I knew how to play and I told her I could but not very well.  I was being modest.  She insisted that I play something for her.  I grabbed my drink and walked over and sat down at my piano and asked what she wanted me to play.  She followed and stood right behind me and said whatever I wanted.  I played a song called Zanarkand by Nobuo Uematsu.  He mostly does soundtracks for popular video games, but his music is very unique and I thought this was a proper setting for it.  As I played, she watched my fingers move slowly across the keys.  She leaned down and whispered "you're very talented" and kissed me on the back of my neck.  I told her that the piano was just a hobby of mine.  When I finished playing I led her back to my couch so we could finish our drinks.  That's when I made my best move yet.

I leaned over and kissed her softly.  I pressed my body close against her and tucked my left arm behind her leaving my right arm to freely explore her supple body.  I started slowly running my palm gently across her cheek and then slowly down her side.  I let my hand pass just over the side of her left breast on its way down to her hip.  When I got no rejection to my obvious trespass I dragged my hand back up her body and full on grabbed her breast.  Once again I got to rejection.  I continued running my hand from her hip to her breast looking for any changes in her behavior but she just continued to kiss me and seemed to be enjoying my little intrusions.  I decided to take it a step further.  I moved my left hand up her back and unsnapped her bra in one fluid motion.  I then moved my right hand up to her cheek and slowly moved it down over her shoulder, dragging along with it her bra and dress strap, exposing her chest.  Once again she didn't stop me.  I slowly moved my hand to her now exposed chest and started slowly rubbing and dragging my hand across her nipple.  After a few minutes of this, our kissing only became more passionate.  I decided it was time to take it one step further.  I moved my hand down to her hip and slowly moved it over her dress to her inner thigh.  I started slowly rubbing her clit through her dress, and she moaned with pleasure.  I was expecting her to try and stop my advances but our kissing only became more passionate.  I rubbed her a little more firmly, only to find that she moaned louder as I increased pressure.  Her legs propped open slightly and I decided to run my hand down her leg and then back up, lifting her dress along with it. This gave me a little more room to work and I started rubbing her once again, just over her panties.  After a few minutes of this I moved her panties to the side and started rubbing her now exposed clit.  She moaned even louder as I continued my handy work.  I found it hard to kiss her as she was almost non stop moaning, so I moved my head down to her neck, kissing her just behind the ear, and eventually down to her chest, kissing and sucking her nipple.  I could tell I was about to make her cum so I slipped my index finger inside of her and started doing a sort of "come here"  motion with it.  She screamed out in extacy while her whole body quivered in pleasure.  After a few minutes of her cooling down, I lifted my head back up to her ear and told her "maybe we should move this to my bedroom." She sat up almost looking confused while she pulled her bra and dress strap over her shoulder.  She nodded at me approvingly while she fumbled to cover her mostly exposed lower half. I helped her up, and led her upstairs to my bedroom, guiding her by the small of her back.

Inside my room it was dark, but the moonlight reflected across the lake outside my window, and danced across my ceiling.  I led Kelly over to my bed and gently laid her down bracing the back of her head with my hand.  I kissed her passionately while I slowly removed her clothing, and my own. I myself got completely naked but I left her garter belt and thigh highs on, as they really turned me on.  After a few minutes of our steamy kissing I moved myself on top of her letting my manhood rest on her clit.  I pressed it firmly against her letting my shaft slide freely up and down her already moist genitals.  She once again cried out in passion while I did this.  I could have had her right then and there but I decided to tease her continuing this motion until she was just about to cum once again.  I waited until she was only moments away from orgasm, when I shifted my position and slid my manhood deep inside her.  She cried out loudly, raising her chest and bending her neck as far back as it would go.  She dug her fingernails deep into my back while I brought her to climax.  I usually start off slowly with most women, but with Kelly I gave in to my more animalistic side.  It was a very raw and rough kind of sex.  She did a lot of screaming and even grunting form time to time.  I even noticed her exposing her teeth while she grunted, almost as if she was going to bite me.  I continued my fast, hard, and deep motions, making her cum several more times, before I myself was ready to cum. I noticed earlier she a had a birth control patch on her hip so I wasn't afraid to cum inside of her.  I moaned slightly while I came, I'm normally quiet in bed, but I wanted to let her know I was cumming.  After I finished, I collapsed on her breathing heavily.  I felt her heart beating in her chest as she struggled to catch her breath. I felt her legs twitching as she was having little "orgasm aftershocks."  Eventually I rolled over and grabbed my smokes off of my nightstand.  I lit one up and offered it to her.  She took it and I lit another for myself.  She giggled shyly as she explained how she just couldn't believe she let me go that far. I can be very seductive when I want to be.  We finished our smokes and she snuggled up to me.  We chatted for a few more minutes before we both fell asleep.

I woke up before Kelly the next morning and laid out some sweat pants and a clean T-shirt for her to wear.  I went and took a shower while she was still sleeping peacefully. After my shower I noticed she was still asleep, so I went downstairs and started making breakfast.  I had some left over hollandaise sauce from a previous meal so I decided to make eggs benedict.  I was just finishing making our breakfast, when Kelly wandered downstairs wearing only her panties and my black dress shirt from the night before, with only a few buttons done in the front.  I told her how I laid out fresh clothes for her, but she insisted she liked the scent from my shirt and wanted to wear it.  She looked incredibly sexy in my shirt and I knew I had to have her once again.  I motioned her over to me and started kissing her.  I moved much faster and more aggressively this time while I stripped off her clothes and propped her up onto my kitchen counter.  I made love to her once again right there on the counter top.  It wasn't nearly as long as the night before. It lasted maybe only ten minutes in total, but it still had that rough animalistic feel to it.  After we finished we gathered our now cold breakfast and ate out on the patio overlooking the lake.  She was gorgeous in the sunlight.  It's very rare to find a girl who can still look sexy with no make-up after the long night we just went through.  We finished our breakfast, got dressed and I drove her home.

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