I met Jen completely by accident.  It was on Myspace.  I was new to social networking at the time, and I had no idea what I was doing.  I was searching my local area for friends when I came across Jen's page. Soon after I realized she wasn't the person I was looking for, instead of clicking the leave page button, I mistakenly clicked add friend.  A few days later I got a message from her.  It turns out she just downloaded Myspace IM, and when you do that, it sends a spam letter to everyone on your friends list to join Myspace IM if they don't already have it.  I thought it was an actual message and I assumed she wanted to chat with me. So I downloaded Myspace IM  and sent her a message. Thanks to the incredible log keeping Myspace IM uses, I was able to find that exact conversation. Here it is.

Bones: Hey I got your message.
Bones: Whats up.
Bones: Hello? 
Jen: what message?
Bones: You sent me a message on myspace saying you wanted to chat with IM.
Jen: i did?
Bones: Yea it says I should downlaod and install myspace IM so we could chat.
Jen: oh lol i think it sends that to eveyone on my friends list
Jen: its a spam letter they send
Bones: Oh I see.
Jen: just ignore it
Bones: Sorry I'm new to myspace.
Bones: Thanks for the clarification.
Jen: no prob c ya
Bones: Wait.
Jen: what?
Bones: You're cute =)
Bones: Just thought you should know.
Jen: umm thanks?
Bones: So...
Bones: What are you doing today?
Jen: well its my day off and i have a ton of laundry to do
Bones: You should blow all that off and come have a drink with me.
Bones: Do you know where Elliot's Martini Bar is?
Jen: lol i dont even know you
Bones: pfft... We're myspace friends. That's good enough.
Jen: for all i know you could be some deranged stalker
Bones: A stalker that wants too meet up at a public place in the middle of downtown?
Jen: it could happen
Bones: I find that offensive.
Bones: Do you always assume the worse in people?
Jen: lol no
Bones: Then let me buy you a drink.
Bones: If you're as cute as your picture, I might buy you two =)
Jen: lol ok what time
Bones: eight o'clock sound good to you?
Jen: yea i guess so
Bones: Then I'll see you there.
Jen: wait is your picture recent?
Bones: My picture on myspace?
Jen: how will i know what you look like?
Bones: Yes it's up to date.
Bones: I'll be the tallest guy there. You should spot me fairly easily
Jen: ok i'll see you there
Jen has disconnected

Much to my surprise, Jen actually showed up. I held true to my word and bought her a drink. She turned out to be as cute as her pictures on Myspace, so I bought her two, as promised.  Although she was very attractive, I could tell right away that Jen wasn't the type girl I typically go for. I usually prefer a more girly/feminine, quiet/shy, down to earth, type of woman.  Jen was more of a strong willed, closed minded, outspoken/direct type of woman.  Other than her physical beauty, (and she really was gorgeous) I didn't really find Jen all that attractive. Her personality was bold and robust.  Our conversation was one sided and unintelligent.    I felt as if we lacked a lot of common interests and values. The're really wasn't any chemistry between us as far as I could tell, but nontheless I was polite and charming.  We eventually finished our drinks and said our goodbyes.  We didn't make plans to see each other again but I did say "I'll see you around"

A few days later I got an IM from Jen.  She said she was bored and she wanted to hang out. I had nothing better to do, so I accepted.  I arranged to pick her up and take her to a drive-in movie theater. I didn't really want to hang out with her again, but I myself was bored, and It's hard to say no to someone so attractive. When I picked her up, I could tell she was into me from how she was dressed.  She was wearing a sexy little, spaghetti strap, half top, that exposed a lot of her ample chest, and firm stomach.  I've met a ton girls like Jen, and I usually end up thinking with my penis instead of my brain.  It's hard to turn down someone so attractive just because we don't click. I also noticed she had a different attitude.  I could tell she was trying to flirt with me because she was much more submissive, and eager to please, than what I remember form our last encounter. When we got to the drive in I could tell right away that she wanted me to make a move.  I've dated a lot of women, and throughout my experiences,  I've become very good at reading body language and subtle gestures. I know when a woman wants me, and Jen was throwing me all the right signals.  I purposely parked my car in the back of the theater with a lousy view of the screen.  When Jen suggested that I move it to a better spot I responded "I wasn't really planning on watching much of the movie, I thought maybe we could just make out the whole time." She giggled flirtatiously, and was probably about to reject my bold suggestion, but I leaned in and kissed her, before she got the chance. I half expected her to slap me for using such a bold method, but instead she just kissed me back. We kissed for the entire duration on the movie.  About every fifteen minutes or so, during our kiss, I would get a little "handsy" and start exploring her body. She stopped me each time by gently moving my hands away from her fun parts, but I didn't let that hinder my approach. It seemed like each time I touched her chest or inner thigh, she would let me have my way for just a little longer with each attempt, before she stopped me.

During the intermission, between the two movies we "watched" Jen took a break from our steamy encounter, to use the restroom. I used this time to gather my thoughts and have a quick cigarette. During my smoke I got a very unusual SMS message from an ex-girlfriend that I haven't seen in months. It read as follows:

Sarah-Your on a date with one of my girlfriends
Me-I am?
Me-How do you know this?
Sarah-I'm on the phone with her in the bathroom.
Me-Oh really?
Me-I hope you have only good things to say about me.
Sarah-She doesn't know I'm talking to you so keep this conversation to yourself.
Sarah-That girl really needs to get laid.
Sarah-And your probably the best guy I know to give it too her.
Me-Lol I'll keep that in mind.
Sarah-Anyways I just thought you should know.

There really isn't much more of an ego booster, than an ex-girlfriend trying to get you in bed with one of her friends. I felt like a million bucks. I had no idea that they even knew each other, and here they are working together as a team, to try and get into my pants.  Jen got back from the restroom shortly afterwards and we continued our steamy encounter throughout the rest of the film. After a few minutes of kissing, My hands started to explore her gentle frame once again. She was much more submissive to my advances this time and let my hands wander all over her body.  This was probably Sarah encouraging her to loosen up a little. I started at her chest, just groping and squeezing here and there. When she didn't stop me I used my other hand to unhook her bra. Her chest was very ample and when I did this, her breasts spilled out from their restraints.  I caressed them for several minutes gently running my fingers over her now exposed nipples. After a few minutes of this, I moved my hand down to her inner thigh.  I started rubbing her clit through the thin fabric of her jeans. She moaned slighty as I did this, which only turned me on more, so I rubbed harder and faster. I could tell I was about to bring her to orgasm so I moved my head down and started kissing her behind her ear, and eventually, I started kissing and gently nibbling on her nipple. She quietly cried out "Oh god, your going to make me cum"  and jerked her body spastically while I continued my furious rubbing. I wanted to go further, but unfortunately we were sitting upright in my car and I could barely get my hand in between her legs, let alone get her pants off.  After it was all over I moved my head back up and cocked a wry smile at her. She went on to explain how she couldn't believe she just let me do that. We both needed a breather after that and decided to watch the rest of the movie, through my now foggy windshield.  After the movie, I offered to take her back to my place for some "coffee" She saw through my clever plan, and said that wouldn't be a good idea.  When I dropped her off, as I was walking her to her door, I mentioned how I've always wanted to get an apartment at her specific complex, and maybe she should give me a tour of her place, to help me decide. She saw through my plot and told me that would be a bad idea. As she unlocked and opened her door I made one last attempt, and leaned in and kissed her. I pressed my body against hers, hoping she would have to take a step back into her apartment, taking me along with her, but she pressed back, thwarting my little plan. I whispered in her ear, in my sexiest voice, "goodnight" and I left.

A few days later, I was having a party at my place and I invited Jen. It was a low key formal type of party and I thought it would be a perfect setting for Jen to see me in my natural environment.  Eager to see me again, she accepted my invitation. When the night came for our encounter, I didn't really know what to expect. She had this bad habit of sending me mixed signals.  I knew she wanted sex, but she turned down my obvious advances. I knew she wasn't my type, but on our second date, she displayed several of the qualities I look for in a woman. I decided to let things unfold naturally, and see where we ended up. She showed up looking very sexy. I noticed many of my friends gawking at her. She was hard to overlook, even in a room full of people. We chatted casually amongst ourselves and had a few drinks. Unlike our previous conversations, this one was more intellectual and easier to follow. I sensed she felt uncomfortable around my friends, being that she was in a setting she wasn't used too, but as the party died down, and she had a few drinks in her, she really seemed to loosen up. That's when I made my move. I mentioned how rude it was of me not to give her a tour of my place, and offered her one. Curiously she accepted, and we were off on our little adventure. Soon after we came to out first and only stop, my bedroom.

I gave her a sexy smile and said "this is my room" as I dimmed the lights.  I walked over to my stereo and put on some soft music, lit a few candles, and motioned her over to me. I didn't try to hide my intentions at all. She approached me cautiously, and I kissed her softly. While we kissed, I walked her over to my bed and laid her down, bracing the back of her head with my hand. I started slowly, undoing her bra and unbuttoning her blouse. She trembled as I slowly drug my fingertips over her breasts, down her stomach, to her skirt clasp. As I was unbuttoning it, she mentioned nervously, that it had been a while for her.  I reassured her that I would be gentle, while I slowly slid her skirt and panties down.  She moaned softly as I slipped my finger inside of her. I started slowly, as promised, but soon after she started thrusting her pelvis into my finger, and moaning with pleasure. It didn't take much for me to get her off. Soon after I removed my clothing, put on a condom, and positioned myself on top of her. She trembled nervously as I slowly slid my manhood inside of her. I could tell I was causing her a little pain, but she was trying hard to hide it. I continued slowly until she got used to me being inside her. After a few minutes, It seemed as if she was no longer in pain so I gently thrusted myself even deeper inside of her. She seemed to be enjoying it by this point so I started to go a little faster and a little deeper. She moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around me. She was using them push against my ass to make me go deeper inside of her. At this point I decided I no longer had to be gentle and repositioned myself so that my weight rested on my knees.  She arched her back and I grabbed her hips with my hands pulling her frame into me.  I got her off a few more times before I finally finished.  I rolled over onto my back and lit up a smoke while I caught my breath. Jen seemed to have enjoyed it. She kept smiling and mentioned how she needed that so badly. She went on to mention how her work was so stressful, and thanked me for alleviating months of pent up stress. I gave her a cocky smile and told her I'm always happy to oblige.

Jen called me the next day wanting to hang out again and I asked her what her intentions were. I still wasn't sure what type of girl she was, and I wanted to know what she expected of me.  I told her I wasn't looking for anything serious, and if we were going to be dating, we needed to keep it open and casual. She assured me that we were on the same page and all she was looking for from me was a little arm candy, affection, and the occasional "stress release treatment" that I was apparently so good at.

We dated for a few months before she started to get a little clingy. It was a relationship based solely around sex, but after a while, I could sense she wanted more from me. She wanted me to meet her parents and I had to remind her of our agreement. That's when the arguments started.  I'm an extremely laid back and casual kind of guy. I hate arguing with anyone for any reason, but Jen seemed to love to pick fights.  She was a very passionate and close minded person, which makes reasoning with her next to impossible. She also demanded that I spend all of my free time with her, which is tough because we lived so far away from each other. Plus spending time at her place was mind numbing, other than the times when we were having sex, I was bored out of my skull.  It's not very often that I do the breaking up with a girl, but Jen pushed me to my limit. I stopped by her place after I got off work one day to end it.  I brought her some stress release candles, as sort of an ironic parting gift. I knew she was sad to see me go, but her pride wouldn't let her express it. I think deep down she knew this was how it was going to end.