How to read a womans body language.

Learning how to read a womans body language isn't easy.  Some people can do it naturally, while for others, it takes years of practice to truly master the skill. Several researchers belive that women use body language to depict 90% of their communication.  In this guide we'll go over a few basic tips. We'll start st the head and work our way down.

Hair : Pay attention to what she's doing with her hair.  If she's twirling, flicking, or caressing it, that usually indicates she's attracted to you.  The act of preening usually means she's concerned about how she looks to you. A lot of women will often tuck their hair behind an ear, or twist a lock of hair around their finger subconsciously. This usually means she's into you.

Eyes:  A famous philosopher once said, the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Pay attention to where her eyes are looking.  If she's looking up, she may not be all that interested in you. If she's looking down it may indicate she's shy or nervous. If they're not on you then do or say something to get her attention. There is never a need to have a staring contest, but eye contact is important. Look into her eyes while she's talking, this will tell her that you're paying attention.

Lips:  Keep an eye on her lips. If she's pouting, licking or chewing her lower lip, this usually suggests strong sexual attraction. If she's smiling a lot, this usually means she's in to you, or she's happy in your presence. If she has a smirk, usually composed of tight lips pulled back and up, this is a bad thing. A smirk usually shows contempt, or superiority.

Neck, Chest: Although it's EXTREMELY RARE, sometimes she'll caress her neck, chest, or even her inner thigh. This indicates a high level of sexual attraction. It usually means the she's "suggesting" on a subconscious level, and maybe you might be able to touch her in the same spot later. The self touch allows her to fantasize what your touch might feel like. Keep in mind this is very rare, so rare in fact I couldn't even find a proper picture to depict it.

Hands, Fingers: If her arms are crossed over her chest. it usually means she's guarded and defensive. Try and get her to loosen up if this happens. When a woman is using her hands to help illustrate whats she's saying, it's usually an indication that she wants you to pay attention to her. Pay close attention to her fingers. If she's using her fingertips to touch or caress something, really anything, this indicates a sign of intrinsic calmness, self-control and waiting. If she's tapping a rhythm with her fingers, it's a sign or impatience. If she's touching her mouth or lips, It usually indicates she's deep in thought, often times it's a sexually charged thought.

Legs, Feet:  Take note of the position of her legs. When a woman consistently crosses and uncrosses her legs, it's usually a sexually charged movement. When she opens her legs without meaning too, it's a classic Freudian opening symbol, that women use subconsciously to indicates courting signals. If she's taken off her shoes, or she's dangling them on her feet, it's a good sign that she feels comfortable with you. Also keep in mind where her feet are pointed. If they're pointed at you that's a good sign, that often means she's interested in you.  If they're pointed towards the door, then that will likely be her next move.

This guide is a generalized look at a womans body language, and may not fit the woman you intend to read.
Not all women have the same body language. Especially shy women.
Beware of cultural differences. Women from Asia may not exhibit the same body language as woman from the United States.
Never look at a womans cleavage. Even if she has it out on display. Women always find this degrading, especially on a first date, so resist the urge.
Never assume a that "seemingly sexual gesture" means the woman wants you. If you make advances based on poor body language reading, it will most likely end badly.

Always remember practice makes perfect. Pay attention to everything she does. Over time you'll get better and better at knowing what to look for. Once you can read a womans body language efficiently, you'll be able to pick the one girl out of dozens of other women, that is interested in you. With enough practice you can even use your own body language to effectively send her subconscious signals.