How to meet women online.

It wasn't that long ago when people shunned online dating. They thought the only kinds of people they could meet online were super-shy or physically less-than-desirable. Nowadays roughly one in five relationships start online.  Online dating is an ever popular and growing trend.  It gives the user the ability to pick and choose their ideal mate, from the comfort of their on home.  Here are the steps to take to safely meet quality people online.

Pick a good online dating site and join it.
Many sites out their offer free trials and only take about 10 minutes to set up an account.  Just search Google for "online dating site" and pick on that suits you best.  Here is a list containing the top five dating sites, according to members.  (has more than 30,000,000 members and it's completely free)  (has just over 29,000,000 members)  (has just over 14,000,000 members)  (has just over 11,000,000 members)  (has just over 9,000,000 members)

Create a profile.
Don't leave any blank spaces.  Put as much information about yourself as you can.  Be open and honest. Be genuine. Don't lie about your age or anything else! Don't try to sell yourself as outdoorsy when you'd rather stay home and play X-box.  Be sure to mention the good things about yourself, without making it look as if you're trying to sell yourself.  Remember, whatever you put, there will be someone who is going to like it, so don't be shy.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Nobody is going to connect with you if you don't have a picture. Add as many as the site will let you. Set your nicest one as your default profile picture. It should be close enough so that your face clearly seen. Make sure it's a recent picture, and above all else, make sure you look as good as you can.

Don't be afraid to give yourself a "man makeover" just for your profile picture.
You'd be surprised at how much little differences can make you more appealing.

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Make contact.
Don't wait until someone contacts you.  Use the chat and message sending functions.  Send at least a dozen messages to the women that interest you the most.  Be natural, mention a detail from their profile so they know you really read it, Make a little joke. Humor is great for breaking the ice and starting the conversation.  Don't expect to hear from all the women you messaged. Depending on the woman she can get upwards of a hundred messages a day. Keep in mind however, that the more messages you send, the more responses you will get. 

Expect to get some rejection.
Not every girl is going to find you interesting, it's not because you're not interesting. It's because they have literally millions of men to choose from.  However, the more you try, the more you'll succeed.  So expect to fail a few times.  You never know if that next girl you message will be the one.

The phone call.
After you've sent and recieved enough messages, the next step is usually to talk by phone. This gives you both a chance to get to know each other a little better. Getting past this step is probably the hardest challenge you'll face in online dating. You'll have to transition from chatting online, where you can take your time to think of proper responses, to talking in person, in real time.  It's best to make a short list of topics you can reference, just in-case the conversation runs dry.  Try to keep her talking as much as you can.  Keep in mind that the more you talk, the more likely you are to mess it all up by saying the wrong thing.

Meeting her in real life.
So you've been chatting online and over the phone. If she seems interesting and you think she may be into you, try to arrange a meeting. Women are cautious with men they meet on the internet, so keep it simple. Somewhere public and low key will do fine.  Tell her you want to meet her in person and ask her out to coffee.  Tell her you found this great sushi place and ask her if she'd like to join you.  It's really that simple.  If she accepts then good for you, if she declines, your next date is just a keystroke away.

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For those of you that would like to keep it old fashoned here are some tips for meeting women in real life.