How I met Kelly

I was in a car accident a while back.  No one was injured but both cars were practically destroyed.  I was insured by Progressive Auto Insurance at the time and I tried calling their 1-800 number to file a claim, but their system was down. So I had to borrow a friends car and drive to the office to file a claim in person.  That's where I met Kelly.  She was the receptionist at the office.  It was hard not to notice her because she was very pretty.  She had long brown hair and deep blue eyes.  Her skin was very smooth and pale.  I was immediately attracted to her.  I walked up to her and she gave me the standard "welcome to Progressive how can I help you" greeting.  I exchanged information with her before she told me to wait in the lobby for an Insurance sales rep.  I noticed she smiled a lot.  I figured she was just being friendly as it was probably apart of her job.  But most people I meet in this day and age, even if they're serving me for some sort of business, they don't tend to smile. While I was waiting, an older gentleman walked in to file a claim.  Apparently he was having the same trouble I was with the 1-800 number.  She took his information and directed him to where I was sitting to wait for someone to help him.  I noticed she didn't smile nearly as much for him as she did for me.  That's when I knew she was into me.  Maybe only on a subconscious level.  But I knew I had to make a move. My mind started racing with all the possible ways for me to come up with an excuse to talk to her again and that's when I was called by the Insurance salesman to come review my case.  Talk about lousy timing.  She smiled at me as I walked past, but I wasn't in the situation to start hitting on her.  After what seemed like forever in the insurance office, I was finally ready to go.  As I walked out, I noticed Kelly was gone and I thought I missed my opportunity.  Again my mind started racing with all the possible excuses I could use to go back to the office to see her again.  I walked out and got into my friends car and was headed for home when I noticed Kelly in the back of the building, alone, struggling with a lighter trying to light her cigarette.  I knew this was my chance.  Beautiful woman in distress, It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I pulled up in my friends car and asked if she needed a light. She once again smiled and said she'd love one.  I walked over and lit her cigarette and decided to open with a joke.  I told her those things would kill her as I lit up my own cigarette.  She laughed and I asked if I could join her.  I told her that my car was totaled, and I was borrowing a friends car, and they probably didn't want me smoking in their car.  She said she'd love the company.  We chatted over the course of our cigarette before I decided to make my move.  I figured because she was so pretty, she was probably used to getting hit on all the time, so I probably had to say something she never heard before.  I decided to go for a very direct approach.  She was mid sentence when I leaned in close to her, gave her a very sexy smile and my bedroom eyes, and said "You're cute." She stopped mid sentence and had a very blank almost shocked look on her face. She said "I don't know how to respond to that."  I replied with, " why don't you give me your phone number and when I call you in a few days to ask you out, you can tell me your response then."  She smiled shyly at me as she reached into her purse to grab a pen and paper.  I smiled as she wrote it down for me.  There really isn't much of a greater feeling in the world than that of the sense of success.

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