I met Daisy a few years ago at a local coffee shop called DejaVu Coffeehouse. I noticed her as soon as I walked in. She was very pretty and she was the only barista working that day. It was slow, as it often was, and there weren't any other costumers in the store. I ordered a cup of coffee and she smiled and got it for me. As she was pouring it she mentioned it was unusual for someone to only get coffee. She went on to explain how most people ordered cappuccinos or macchiatos. I just told her I was old fashioned in that sense, and how I appreciated a nice cup of coffee. We exchanged pleasantries, mostly small talk, while she prepared my order and I payed her for my beverage.  I could tell she was flirting with me, but I've kind of made it a personal rule of mine to not approach waitresses, bartenders, or baristas.  Not that I don't think they wouldn't fall for my charm, but because women in those types of professions tend to flirt for larger tips, and most men, including myself, are easily mislead. I wanted to stay and chat for a while longer, but I was in a hurry that day and didn't have the time.

A few days later I went back looking for a cup of Joe.  Once again it was just Daisy working and no one else was in the store. She poured me a cup of coffee and told me it was compliments of the house. I tossed a twenty in her tip jar and sat down to drink my beverage. She thanked me for my overly generous tip and I smiled. When she noticed I didn't add any cream or sugar to my coffee, she asked me why I drank it black.  I told her to grab a cup of her own and join me and that I'd explain it to her. She grabbed a cup and sat next to me, I sensed it was more out of curiosity, than her actually flirting with me. I went on to explain in detain how most people drank coffee wrong. Most people drink coffee like they drink any other beverage, but to truly appreciate it, there's a complex system involved. I went on to explain how you're supposed to smell it first, then sip it slowly, then let it roll across your tongue and down your throat. It really is great when you drink it this way, but most people add cream and sugar so they can drink it faster, and kill the bitterness. She was amazed, and even a little embarrassed, at how much more I knew about her profession, than she did.  I could tell I impressed her, and I wanted to start flirting with her, but a few other customers came in. I stayed for a few more minutes, to see whether or not if I would get another shot,  but it looked like she was going to be busy making complex drinks. I smiled at her as I left and she returned it.

A few days later, I was getting some coffee at different local coffee place, when I saw Daisy, sitting at one of the tables, drinking a cup of black coffee. I got a cup of my own and walked over to her and said, "looks like somebody isn't a very loyal employee" She looked up at me and smiled. She responded by telling me how I wasn't a very loyal customer. I was just about to walk away when she asked me to join her. I sat down next to her and mentioned how I noticed she was drinking her coffee black. She told me it was because I showed her how to drink coffee properly, and she had been trying different coffees from different places. We chatted for a few minutes, and I noticed she was still flirting with me, even though we were in a situation where I wasn't going to tip her. I started doing a little flirting of my own. After about twenty minutes of casual flirting and conversation, I told her I knew of a great coffee place, and asked her if she'd like to join me for a drink sometime. She smiled and asked me if it was going to be a date. I told her "sure you're cute why not." She blushed a little and told me to call her to set it up. When I asked for her phone number, she got up, threw me a very wry smile and told me "a smart person could figure that out" as she walked away.  I was truly impressed by that. She just challenged my intellect and that's not something that happens to me often.

Getting her phone number wouldn't be easy.  All I knew about her was her first name, her approximate age, what she looked like, and her place of employment. I started by checking Myspace and after only a few minutes of searching, I managed to find her page. It didn't have much useful information. I found out her last name, age, and her email address was listed in her contact information. I searched through her posts for anything useful but all I found out, was that she was single and looking for an "intelligent guy." I looked her up in the phone book but that didn't give any results. I Googled her email address and found her Facebook page. It was another dead end, but I did notice she was attending the local college and she listed a few of the classes she was taking. One of the classes was Sociology, and after contacting the school, I found out what the professors name was that taught that class. I set up a fake email address under that professors name and sent her a carefully worded but legitimate looking email asking her to update her contact information. She responded within twenty minutes and listed her cell phone number in the email. Mission accomplished.

The next day I went to her work to get a cup of coffee gloat about my victorious triumph. While I was parking my car, I pulled out my phone and sent her a text message telling her I found her number after all, and asked if we were still on for our coffee date. I went inside and ordered my usual cup of coffee. She smiled at me as I walked inside, and mockingly mentioned I'd never find out her number.  I gave her a very dry smirk, as she poured my coffee, and told her she should check her phone. As I sat down, she went into the back to check her phone, and sure enough, there was my text message. She came out with an shy smile on her face and congratulated me on my success. I told her she was the first girl I ever had to "stalk" just to get her number, but I did appreciate the challenge. After a few minutes of flirting, we made plans to have a coffee date for the following week.

Our first date was pretty typical. We just had a cup of coffee, exchanged pleasantries, and did a little flirting. Nothing about it really caught my attention, but we defiantly had chemistry. Our conversation didn't dry up at any point. I could tell from her body language that she was a little shy, but it didn't strike me as excessive or out of the ordinary. After we finished our coffee I walked her to her car. I usually go for a kiss on the first date, but I didn't feel as if this date provided me with a proper setting to do so.

After a few days, I called her again to arrange another date. She accepted my offer, and we made plans for the following evening. It didn't come at a good time for me because I was almost completely broke. I was going to have to think of something clever for this one. I stopped by a local flower store and got her a single daisy. Then I stopped by a local liquor store and got a bottle of chianti.  I picked her up around seven o'clock that evening and gave her the flower I bought. She smiled at my small token of affection, and fashioned it into her hair just above her ear. I've always thought it was sexy when I girl puts a flower in her hair. Soon after we set off on our date.  I drove her up into the mountains and parked my car on a little pull off. I grabbed a backpack out of my trunk and we set off on a little hike to a good place with a view overlooking the city. When we got to a good spot, I pulled a blanket out of my backpack and set up a little picnic. I poured us a few glasses of chianti and set up a little portable stereo to help create an atmosphere. She seemed impressed with my makeshift budget date. We chatted for several hours while we watched the sunset. She seemed comfortable around me by this point and her shyness was almost completely gone. I felt good with the direction our date was going by this point, so I decided to lean in for a kiss. I brought my face close to hers, I came maybe 90% of the way and let her come the other 10%. It worked out and we kissed for a several minutes. I brushed my palm gently against her cheek and slowly  moved it down towards her chest. She pulled back when I reached her breast and I could sense I might have went too far too fast. I stopped and apologized for my actions, and warned her that I've been drinking and I tend to get a little handsy when I kiss someone. She smiled and told me she would stop me if I went too far. I kissed her again and waited a little while this time before I made any sexual advances. I would sometimes trail my kissing across her cheek and down her neck. She seemed to like it when I kissed her just behind her ear. Usually when I kiss a woman they get turned on when I breathe heavily close to their ear. This method seemed to be working to my advantage in this case, because I could tell she was really liking it. After about thirty minutes or so I decided to go for her chest again. I started slowly this time and ran my hand down her side to her hip, lightly brushing it against the side of her breast, on my way down. Doing that didn't get me any negative response so I tried my luck again. I moved my hand back up in the same manor, only this time I stopped for a few seconds and gently applied a little pressure to the side of her boob. When I got no rejection to my little trespass, I just full on went for it. I used my left hand, which was resting behind her and holding up her weight, and unhooked her bra, in one quick fluid motion. I've done this to a lot of girls, and it takes a little practice, but once I got good at it, most girls nowadays don't even notice I've unhooked their bra. After a little more kissing I moved my head down to her ear again and started kissing her there again.  I moved my hand back down to her stomach, and while I was breathing heavily into her ear and nibbling on her earlobe, I moved my hand up to breasts letting my fingertips slip underneath her shirt and bra. At the same time I used my left hand that was holding her up, to pull her closer to me. It was a very passionate yet, calculated move, and this time she didn't reject my advancement. After a few minutes of that, I could tell she was getting really turned on. I re-positioned her onto her back and moved myself on top of her, letting my manhood rest on her clit. I kissed her passionately and dry humped her for about twenty minutes, before I whispered in her ear, "I want you so bad." She didn't object my proposal, probably because she was enjoying herself so much.  I leaned back onto my side and undid her jeans.Once again she didn't stop me, so I slid her pants down and slowly drug my fingertips up her smooth legs, stopping at her inner thigh. She spread her legs apart, and I could tell she wanted me to touch her, but I teased her for a little while. I let my fingers drag against her clit from time to time, which she seemed to really enjoy, but I mostly just rubbed her inner thigh. After a few more minutes of teasing I ran my middle finger down her moist clit, and thrust it deep inside of her. She moaned loudly with pleasure and relieved anticipation. While I had my finger inside of her I removed my clothes and put on a condom. I could tell I was just about to make her cum, so I stopped, climbed on top of her, and slid my manhood deep inside of her. It only took me a few minutes to get her off. I made her cum about four more times, over the course of the next half hour, before I finished. I rolled over and lit up a smoke, while we both struggled to catch our breath. She mentioned how fun that was and how she never expected it to go that far. We stayed there for a few more hours talking , before I drove her home. That's one of my fondest memories, chatting naked with Daisy under the moonlight.

She called me the next day wanting to hang out. I told her straight out what my intentions were. I said I wasn't looking for a relationship, and if we were going to date, we needed to keep things casual. She told me that was fine, that she wasn't looking for anything serious either We dated for a few months before we decided to call it off. She wanted more out of our relationship and I wanted to keep it casual. It was a very mutual break up. She told me if ever I wanted a more traditional relationship, to give her a call. I assured her I would, and even if she ever changed her phone number, I'd find it.