I met Liz while I was working as a waiter at Ihop, late in 2004.  She was a typical late nighter that would come in late at night and drink coffee for a few hours.  Sometimes when it was slow I would converse with guests to make time pass and it also seemed to increase my tips.  We got to chatting and right away I noticed a very strong sexual chemistry between the two of us.  We were both dating other people at the time, I myself in a very happy relationship, so naturally we didn't act upon our natural urges.

Liz was an unusual girl. She was Japanese.  She wore dark eye liner and dark lipstick which was typical  for an average goth girl. She also had pink hair at the time that I met her.  She wasn't at all the typical girl I usually dated.  Nontheless I was still very attracted to her. We chatted usually every night when she came in, about everything and nothing.  She was very easy to talk too and that's one of the things I liked about her the most.  It's very rare to find someone not only easy to talk to, but also have such interesting and educated conversations with.

After a little less than a year the girl I was dating at the time died.  I was depressed and literally sleeping with nearly every girl I met at that time trying to fill the hole in my life.  I eventually slept with Liz somewhere in the mix.  Out of the twenty to thirty women I slept with in the two short months after my loss, Liz was the only girl that stood out to me.  We just had amazing sex. It was as simple as that.  There's not much more to it. We both had many sexual partners in the past and knew how to please each other in bed.  She was also very sexually aggressive.  I've slept with many, many women but they all made me come onto them.  I had to seduce them to get what I wanted.  With Liz she came onto me, and I liked it.

I slept with Liz off and on for a few months before I moved and I eventually stopped calling her.  Not that I wanted to, but I wasn't looking for a relationship at that time in my life, and nearly every girl I slept with always seemed to want something more from me.  Liz never asked me for a relationship, but I wanted to end it before she did.  Not because I didn't like her,  it's just that we were good friends and I didn't want to risk ruining our friendship over something so petty.

A few months after I moved the women seemed to dry up.  I, being a man, wanted some sex, not just any sex though.  I wanted Liz.  It was like I had a craving for awesome sex and she was the only person that could deliver.  I called her out of the blue and invited her over.  We chatted for hours and eventually had sex.  Sex with her was great. I remember she used to give the most amazing head.  The kind of head that made your toes curl up and your whole body twitch in extacy.  Most girls can't get me off by just giving me head.  They eventually get tired, or the have trouble breathing, or they gag which is a real turn off.  But Liz never had any of those problems.  Plus she seemed to love giving head.  I remember at one point I was panting and wheezing while she was going down on me and she stopped and lifted her head to ask me if I was okay.  In an out of breath, high pitched, hurried voice I said "I'm fine" and pushed her head back down.  Another thing I liked about her is that she didn't seem to mind giving up a little back door action every now and then.  Nearly every girl I've ever asked for it, they always say no.  Or they'll let me try for a few minutes and stop me because it hurts them so much.  Liz not only let me, but she enjoyed it.

A few months passed by and she would come over every day, and spend nearly every night at my house.  I'm not sure how it happened but she was practically living with me.  Eventually we tried dating officially. It was an idea I wasn't very fond of but I decided maybe enough time had passed and I should get back in the dating game.  I was going through a very stressful phase with work and Liz was very supportive of me.  I wasn't making enough money to to survive and I often complained about it to Liz and eventually she told me to quit.  It was sound advice. I knew if I was to quit I would have to move in with my mother until I was able to find another job.  Liz never struck me as a "material girl" and I knew if that I did quit and move back home Liz would follow me.  The problem was Liz wasn't exactly the kind of girl you brought home to meet the parents.  But I decided to give it a shot.

I decided to quit my job and move back home.  Much to my surprise Liz and my mother got along great.  My mother was able to see past Liz's rough exterior to the sweet girl I saw inside. Plus my mother being a lonely middle aged divorcee and Liz's easy going, easy to talk too personality, seemed to help out a lot.  Over the course of the next month or so Liz and I started having problems.

  I am a very laid back and calm individual.  Liz however hung out with a more dramatic crowd and was more accustomed to drama and arguing.  The fighting got worse as time drew on.  It almost seemed like she liked arguing with me sometimes.  Nearly every time she came over we would fight about something and it was always something stupid and petty.  Eventually she found out that I had slept with one of her friends (long before I had even met Liz and I had no idea that they even knew each other) and she flew off the handle at me.  She even hit me. I didn't know how to react to that.  I didn't hit her back but at that point I knew it was over.  I broke up with her and stopped calling her.

After some time had passed, I eventually ran into Liz.  We chatted for a while and decided to stay friends.  We exchange pleasantries on Myspace and Facebook.  We even still have sex from time to time but that's all it is.  I think we both know that our friendship is better than having a relationship.